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George Gray
Eco Founder: Startup Skills for Engineers and Scientists
Eco Founder: Startup Skills for Engineers and Scientists

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+CleanTechnica  posted one of my articles on Cleantech Marketing! Check it out.
By George Gray Let’s be honest. Some clean technologies just stink. A lot of the time, though, it’s not that the technology has a funky smell but the business has the wrong direction. These misguided projects show some tell-tale warnings that a keen eye…

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Today I published my first book
The book is called Engineer to Founder. It is a 90 day strategy for engineers to gain real life startup skills that you can use to launch their own venture. Check out the book - It's up for 'pay what you want' for the first 50 downloads. Which means at the moment you can download it for free! Get your copy here -  


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Where Do You Start?
Elon Musk must be the pinnacle of engineering excellence. Although you could argue there is better engineers out there. There might be but who can argue the impact Elon has made. The impact has been soo large because he was able to successfully package and scale his technologies through business. Yet turning technology into a business is a big step and the last thing you want when you are starting out is a step learning curve. Why not get started learning business before you take the leap. I'm running a Free Webinar next week where you'll learn the crucial business skills you need to balance your stable job and grow your passion project. 
You can register here -->

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We Need More Engineers
The largest problems that we face in the future are not going to be political, religious or ethical. Nor are they going to be legal concerns. When you look at the scientific predictions for the future it becomes much more obvious what these problems are. #engineering #physics #resources

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I'm also on linkedin.. are you?
Looking to launch your clean tech venture? Stay upto date with ECO founder on linkedin for startup skills for engineers and scientists.

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Technology startups are like seedlings.
They need the right environment to grow. While businesses don't often require the aid of sunlight and water technology businesses often require substantial financial backing to get up off the ground. 
This is why it is vital to watch the investment capital markets and follow the trends to find out what is getting investors attention. 
The markets for clean tech have been up and down over recent years and 2013 was no exception. Because data and reports are dry and boring I decided to spice things up.
To show you the trends across the different clean tech sectors I have created this infographic that shows you where the investment capital has been going! 

Thanks for taking a look! Hope it was of interest to you

#cleantech #greentech #investmentmarkets #capital #venturecapital
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Great solar news at +CleanTechnica! #solar   #cleantech   #greentech  
More solar news for your clicking, reading, commenting, and sharing pleasure: A new online solar investing platform has been set up by Palmetto Group. Solar projects should secure 6% return or greater. (Solar Love) NRG Energy (isn’t that a little…

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My +Eco Founder TV episode  interview with +Michal Bacia got featured today at +CleanTechnica

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It's time to do some research.

No not in the lab, we are going to venture out and talk to people in the real world. 

Have you ever seen some technology that is amazingly creative and novel... BUT doesn't do well in the marketplace.

There is the all to common story of an engineer who created some amazing technology, BUT it didn't sell, because the technology (no matter how groundbreaking) failed to meet someones needs. 

Well I'm going to help you avoid falling into this trap. In today's post you'll learn how to make sure there is a market for your technology.
Click the link below...

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