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China SEO Company & Services,Doing business in China,you need to cooperate with the Chinese digital marketing Agency
China SEO Company & Services,Doing business in China,you need to cooperate with the Chinese digital marketing Agency


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  Under the 29th statistical report on Internet development in China showed that by the end of December 2011, China's Internet users reached 513 million, 55.8 million annual new users; Internet penetration upgrade four percentage points compared with the end of the year, reaching 38.3% . Chinese mobile phone users reached 356 million, an increase of 17.5%, compared to previous years, China's overall Internet growth into the plateau.
Such a huge number of users, make marketing more and more fire. Traditional marketing methods have reached a boiling point, with the population growing, industry competition is increasingly fierce, then what should the small and medium enterprises do?
  I believe that the Internet age has arrived. SMEs must also embark on Internet marketing.  
  According to CNNIC's survey, the top three methods of Internet marketing are: e-mail marketing, e-commerce platform marketing and search engine marketing, while many companies are doing network marketing, but failed to achieve their desired results, so originally belonged to their customers quietly lost, mainly in the following specific areas:
  1. The website has no content, no user experience, mainly in order to promote a brand.
  2. There is no specialized web promotion staff.
  3. The website is not updated after forming the basic, or does not updated for a long time, and the update content is the basic enterprise news, no real substance.
  4. Product sales to measure the effectiveness of online marketing.
  5. E-commerce platform as their main means of promotion.
  6. Enterprises do network marketing, general wants to get quick results. Their promotion methods are relatively simple, such as: Baidu, e-commerce platforms, Web site optimization.
  Now these are the Internet marketing methods used by SMEs, in fact, Internet marketing is much more than that. These companies do not have Internet marketing specialist, and now e-commerce platform and the promotion of Baidu phones are everywhere, causing many businesses each year needlessly spent a lot of money, but no effect, resulting in many companies lose faith in Internet marketing. 
  Many businesses don't know what Internet marketing really is, there are a lot of people think that Internet marketing is Baidu bid. I personally feel that if the enterprise network marketing is really appreciated, then they need not just website optimization, Baidu ranking, they need more Internet marketing consultant, internet marketing specialist.
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Manager's success will depend largely on your everyday behavior, you set up a model for other people, and you build trust and understanding in every exchange.                                                      If you can use the guidelines outlined in this article and continue to practice, you are sure to be a superior manager.
  A few days ago, I received a letter from Fortune Chinese reader Anita email, which read as follows:
  "I was promoted to Director of sales from an ordinary sale recently. On how to be a good sales manager, can you give me some advice? Be greatly appreciated. Anita. "
  At that time I was driving on the way home from the airport and only 30 minutes of free time, so I used the iPad reply to her question. Now, I would like to answer this question in an article written to share with all readers, because I think this is a good question. Although she only mentioned
"Sales Manager", but in fact, no matter what field you are in charge, in order to become a good manager, you need to do 95% of the same. The reader will certainly know more about sales than me, so I will answer how to become a "good manager" in this regard.
  Hello, Anita!
  Thank you for your letter. This is a good question. Congratulations, you from the staff became manager. Before, your importance is reflected in you personally done. Now, you have the opportunity to manage other people's work and career, to reflect your importance in another respect.
To be a good manager, you can refer to the following guidelines undergone the test of time:
  Personnel training should focus on the advantages rather than weaknesses. The primary task of the manager is not "supervision", but the training and development of personnel. To find out what people's expertise, helping them get better. Asked what capacity they want development, and find ways to help them learn and practice. Forcing your team go all out to play the greatest potential, and feel free to offer them help. Don't waste time on everyone's ability to reach the same level. Find out each person's special talent, activate their talent and desire. You can have an invincible team.
  Become a coach, stands ready to provide guidance. Now that your first priority is to train personnel, you should take time to mentor your team members every day. They perform in good times, to provide positive feedback, and when their performance is need to be improved, to provide them with a keen sense of feedback and improvement suggestions. Find some glimmer of positive from them every day. No matter what you recognize people's behavior, you will get more in the future.   Always committed to building trust, as a result, your relationship bank account, you have been increasing "deposit", but never "withdrawals". And when you show your commitment to guide the work of the team, you are such a signal to convey to the people: "This is a manager should do."
  Do you the ideal manager in your mind. Now, you have the opportunity to provide services for your own team, rather than becoming their "rulers." You definitely ever want your boss care subordinates, willing to listen to your opinion, willing to help you, give you counseling, and often praise your good performance. Now you should strive to become such a manager.   To resist the "micro-managing" the temptation; give them appropriate challenges and help them succeed.  Set success objectives for them, and provide guidance in their striving for success, when they succeed, confirm their success. If your team is growing, then you are successful managers, do not taking away their credit. Do their ideal manager.
  Have skepticism, but also to learn to listen. Do not believe anything you see or hear. But also do not assume that anything you hear is suspicious. At a time when communicating with everyone, learn to listen deeply and carefully. Be curious about their world view.  Pay attention but don't condemn the error ideas and attitudes you encountered. . Remember, in a way, every action has a good starting point. When people realize that you really listen carefully to their voices, they will lose interest in playing jokes, and because they will respect and trust you, they will want to play a role.
  Face the difficulties together and offered help. People will inevitably be troubled times. When your team members are into a "pit," Do not stand on top and shouting to let them out. You should jump to go inside, roll up your sleeves and show them how to go out. Of course, this does not mean you should "save" them from the problem; they have only themselves to learn the most. But if someone in trouble, do not provide some clichés, slogans, or simply a good idea. In fact, doing so is tantamount to abandon, is a kind of irresponsible behavior. If the relevant work is very important, to let people know that you you can do it yourself at any time. They can only learn the skills necessary to master this way. To learn when should provide guidance, when to participate and offer help.
  Using storytelling to share your passion and vision; team members are encouraged to develop their own plans. As a Manager, your job is to build a high performance team. Your mind may have a clear concept on an efficient team, this is your vision. Through the fascinating story, make your vision come alive again and makes it clear to understand, help people understand it. Then, encourage team members to put forward their plans to achieve this vision, and allows themto follow their own plans as possible. Yes, provide guidance, but stay out of a running machine.
  Do not stop on your own investments. Hire a coach to help you maintain focus on success. Read the latest articles and books about the industry trends, absorbing other people's best ideas, enrich yourself, and to share these ideas with your team and listen to their reactions. If they find out you're practicing the concept of life-long learning, they will follow your example. Your own investment is the message: you strive for excellence and committed to personal development and training others.
  If you can be the leader, your team will be able to do anything for you. As a result, your success, and will no longer depend on an "agreement" (task), but relationships and the possibility of working together as a team.
Remember: the Manager's success largely depends on your daily activities, you set the example for others, in every interaction and you build up trust and rapport. If you apply these guiding principles and practice, you can certainly be a good manager.
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Sogou is also important when you do SEO in China
Sohu is a Chinese Internet company headquartered in Beijing. The company offers several services such as search engine, advertising news, e-mail, and games between others.

Sogou is one of the most popular search engine in China.
The company revenues come mainly from brand advertising and online games. Companies have the chance to advertise themselves via Sohu using several methods such as text or media formats including banners, buttons, logos, or streaming advertisements.

Sohu group owns several web pages: it is a site that incorporates web search, many content channels such as news, sports, entertainment, IT… it is a web search engine. focused on news and community for online games. It was launched in 2000 as the first game-dedicated portal. The site has more than 600 game zones and tens of millions of registered users. Is a website related to real estate news and sales portal. The site provides information for home buyers, homeowners and real estate professionals. It has become one of the largest online youth communities in China related with online alumni. provides online maps.


Sogou is owned by Sohu and its primary services are search engine, Sogou Pinyin input, and Sogou Web Directory. After Baidu, Sogou is the clearly leader among the rest of Chinese search engines with a market share by revenue of 6.24% and last year, Sogou mobile search traffic grew by nearly 20%.
Recently, many companies have noticed that it is very helpful to reach audience from lower tier cities with lower cost per click advertising.

Sogou pinyin

Sogou Pinyin is the leader input method editor in China which allows users to type in Chinese. The dictionary of Sogou Pinyin can be enhanced by adding so-called cell dictionaries that contain words in special fields.

In addition, Sogou pinyin allows customizing its dictionary, appearance and function. For example, users can choose on Sogou’s website a variety of skins and animations in order to personalize the appearance.

In 2009, Sogou launched a tool called Sogou Cloud Pinyin that enables any browser to input Chinese characters on a website without the necessity of installing any new software or plugins.

Sogou Pinyin is maybe the most popular tool of Sogou that takes the first market share in China.

There is no doubt that Sogou plays a very important role in the search engine field in China. Therefore it can be a tool to consider for companies that want to increase their presence in China, especially in lower tier cities where Sogou has a good penetration.

The same as in Baidu, it is also necessary develop a SEO strategy on Sogou in order to increase your visibility in the search engine and reach a huge audience.


What do you need to know to do SEO on Sogou?

Content must be in mandarin:

Sogou as a Chinese local search engine favors websites that have content in simplified Chinese. Therefore, companies have to create a website in Chinese with the aim to improve their rank on Sogou.


Having a huge number of backlinks is very helpful to Sogou optimization. It seems that the quantity of links it is more important than their quality. Nonetheless, you should link your website with high quality web pages.

Hosting & Domain:

There is no doubt that it is better choose a local domain such as or .cn  because they transmit a major sense of trust to Chinese users.


Title tag:

One of the most important elements of on-site optimization is the title tag. The title tag describes the website content to users and search engines. Sogou gives a lot of importance to the title tag.

Despite Baidu is the largest search engine in China, companies have to consider others Chinese search engines like Sogou during their marketing strategy in order to reach a different audience.

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Firstly, it is important to understand that SEO in China is different compared to Western countries. As opposed to Europe or U.S.A, Baidu is the largest search engine in China and therefore the SEO rules are also distinct.

SEO is a vital tool to increase the sales of cosmetic brands.
SEO helps companies to get more exposure and improve their position on search engines. During their online searches, about 75 percent of Chinese only just visit the websites of the first Baidu page. That means if your website is not well ranked on Baidu, your chance to attract Chinese consumers will be drastically reduced.

estee lauder

In China many cosmetic brands are missing the benefits of attracting potential consumers who search for beauty products via online. About 6% of cosmetic brands are in the first search position on Baidu when their name is searched via mobile devices while 51% of them are in the first search position when their name is searched via desktop devices, according to a report by L2 Think Tank, a digital luxury marketing research firm.

Why SEO is very important for cosmetic brands?

The cosmetics industry in China has been growing at a fast pace becoming one of the most promising sectors of business in Middle Empire. In 2013, the transactions value of cosmetic products reached about USD54.32 billion in 2013 and in 2017 it is expected to increase the sales volume up to USD113.9 billion. via twitter

cosmetic shopper

Due to these encouraging data, many companies have decided to expand their business to China and take advantage of this profitable market. Nowadays, cosmetics sector in China is a very competitive market where a huge number of companies are fighting to attract Chinese consumers.

This is where companies have to develop marketing strategies to be the leader in the Chinese cosmetic market and SEO plays an important role in this undertaking.

Thanks to SEO, cosmetic brands have the opportunity to improve their website visibility on Chinese search engines and therefore reach a huge number of Chinese shoppers. Also through SEO strategies, companies will improve the brand awareness among Chinese consumers and as a result they will increase their sales. However cosmetic companies should not solely focus their SEO efforts  on their websites.

SEO is everywhere in a good digital marketing strategy

The reality is that Chinese consumers before making any purchase decision, search information about products and brands on social media platforms as well. They trust much more in comments and information they find on these social networks than in information directly provided by the brand.

Cosmetic companies have to increase their presence on Chinese social media platforms through the creation of official accounts to provide content about beauty world to their followers besides information about the brand and products. Also they must be present on beauty forums by providing beauty tips and include videos and photos in order to engage Chinese consumers.

For instance, Lancome launched its own forum called Rose Beauty where the company provides information about the brand, the products and events and also gives beauty tips to its followers. Rose Beauty has over 4 million users becoming one of the largest online communities in the cosmetics field in China.

It is very interesting to beauty companies incorporate a section of Q&A where consumers have the chance to ask questions about the brand products (benefits, ingredients, how apply the product…) or questions beauty-related that will be answered by the brand.

Therefore, cosmetic companies must also target their SEO strategies to these sites in order to improve their brand awareness and brand image, to ultimately reach more customers

Improved visibility means more sales

Online visibility is strongly correlated with brand sales and this is the main reason why beauty companies must have a SEO strategy in China.

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Western European engineering is prized in China for its quality and innovation, but despite increasing levels of demand many firms remain unable to access this potentially lucrative market. How should specialist engineering companies go about selling their products and services to China? What are the best, most cost-effective routes into the market?

Understanding the Market
China is a very different market from those found in Europe or America, and assuming that things will be the same or similar is a common pitfall. Organisations such as the UKTI and the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) can provide initial assistance, e.g. help with research, facilitate meetings and identify potential partners. With a basic understanding of the landscape, you and your partners can then plan a strategy for reaching customers and winning contracts.

Online Market Entry
Websites can work well as a relatively fast, low-cost way to gain market visibility, but it isn’t as simple as putting up a Chinese-language version of your main site and watching the enquiries flood in. For an online presence to be effective it needs to be properly localised for Chinese cultural norms and may be very different from your English-language website (grants are available for this).

You will also need to give proper consideration to website promotion, just as you would in your domestic market – if a site isn’t being found by users then it doesn’t matter how good it is. Optimising for popular Chinese search engines such as Baidu and Sogou can bring you visitor traffic, but it is important to carry out research into which keywords Chinese surfers are actually using – bear in mind that translations are not always literal.

On the Ground
Unless you set up your own office in China, you will likely need to work with local partners to make direct contact with customers. Business in China is still very much based on trusted connections; a partner who knows and is known by the major players can open doors for you.
Also, consider how you will service any enquiries you generate – your customers will need a point of contact, ideally in the same time zone and fluent in Chinese. Contact services / virtual offices are available to meet this need. 

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The board of your company have made the decision to enter the Chinese market. There’s a lot of people and businesses there becoming more prosperous, and your company is not in that market. The board assume you are missing opportunities and perhaps your competitors are already in China. So either through representation, market visits, setting up a local office or via a website, your company looks to do business in China.

To do business, you need customers. To get customers, you need to let them know you exist, what you do and how your services or products will benefit them. You need to engage in some marketing in China. Marketing is a numbers game, right? Or at least that’s what many say.

A common strategy adopted by companies – and this applies equally to very large corporates as well as SMEs – is to consider the activities undertaken in the home market and attempt to replicate these in China. There’s a predisposition amongst Western-managed firms to simply replicate a Western strategy in Chinese – the same is often true even when the firm has already established it’s own local office with Chinese staff. Marketing activities decided upon by the board, both business-to-business and consumer focused, often include some form of email marketing. It’s a known quantity, with the right amount and right quality of data, surely it’s a members game? The percentages of the domestic campaigns are good.

Internet usage differences

As far as email marketing is concerned, the results in China are usually very poor and companies are disappointed, sometimes deciding that there’s no interest in what they do in China. So why is this?

“Kai Fu Lee, formally of Microsoft, Google and Apple, now heading his own China-based company Innovation Works, states that it’s important to be aware of cultural differences between China and the West. “There is a general false assumption that the whole world uses the Internet in the same way”, he says, but this is not the case where China is concerned. This is especially true for email marketing.

Email is not used to the same degree in China as the West, with chat being a far more popular medium. This is not just amongst friends, but B2C and B2B as well. Business via email doesn’t happen in the same way. Many Western boardrooms are totally unaware of the predominance of chat and the different usage patterns with email, and simply rely on what they know of the home market, even of other export markets, to make their decisions.

In addition, “trust” is everything on the internet in China. “Can I trust you?” “Can I trust what you say and claim?” “Once I’ve bought, will your after-sales service be non-existent?” People, including business people, feel so much more secure dealing with businesses that are well known, who’s track record is well known or with those they have already had some significant contact with. Cold emails are just not to be trusted and certainly not to be acted on. Whether the aim of the sender is to sell, generate enquiries or simply to create branding awareness email opening rates are extremely minimal.

That’s not to say that email doesn’t have it’s place. E-commerce, for example, uses email marketing well. In a scenario not too dissimilar from Amazon in the West, campaign including offers, new products and enticements to buy work well. But there’s a fundamental difference here – these are targeted at people who have already engaged with the company, who have already signed up or otherwise been in touch. There’s already a trust which has been developed.

One of our roles is to give our clients an understanding of the local market and adopt the appropriate strategy for their business in China. For us, the moral of the story is don’t consider wasting time or money on data for email campaigns of any kind, unless directed at those who have already had some contact with your firm.

How to start?

So in that case, how best to start? Benchmarking market research is hugely beneficial. There will be some companies in the market already presenting themselves very effectively from whom you can learn. There will be others who you can steal a march on, as you have the capacity to exceed their offerings or market approach. But your company will need firstly to be aware of this in order to take advantage. Getting to know the local market in this is an excellent way to begin. Or if your budget allows, using a marketing company with an excellent track record and genuine proof of success can help fast track your entry into the market.

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How to detonate the core product
    The core product of enterprise is the pillar and bridge to build brand. also,in turn,enhance the brand image will strengthen the star products,and persestent driving the sales of other products.Core product brand, can help companies to occupy effective market segmentation in the short term, to drive the brand by products.
    A lot of the time,the worry of the enterprise is not without advertising fees, nor can not find the media,but don`t know what kind of information should be spread in a variety of media.Whether should push the brand directly, or pushing core product to drive the brand.
    Products should have a unique product concept
    To detonate the core product, you must have a unique product concept.It requires the enterprise to have a deep insight into consumer`s demand,and always be consumer demand as the starting point,based on the product itself,from the production of raw materials, process, taste, effect, etc.,mining differs from their core products and other products with competing products,looking for the adcantages of pachkaging,refining the concept of core products.It will not only become a strong brand propositon supported by the suppport point,but also can form a strong brand sales driving force,and give consumers more memory point when oral communication.
    Multiple ways of promotion
    Tipping core product must adopt a more diverse promotion way, change the single form of promotion.Today, there are rich media formats,audience contact media channels more and more widely,it is difficult to seize the hearts of consumers by single promotion.This requires that in addition to television, newspapers, outdoor and other traditional media,we should pay more attention to interactive marketing, public relations and promotional,making effective use of combination such as entertainment and sports to carry out interactive markenting.
    Strengthen the use of new media, Internet,based on interactive PR network,even make the use of combination of online and offline.It is very critical for detonating core products.
    Core products to promote the brand development
    Detonated brand,to start the market more quickly at a lower cost .Core products to promote the brand development,diversified product category as far as possible,the core product as a leader,other products or category level play their respective advantages, the situation "one superpower and several great powers" has formed.To deal with the competition and sharing channel cost.
    However,some enterprises,build a strong brand first,and then launch the star product,strengthen the brand strength.These two approaches are in consensus at the one point.They are both aimed at "brand".It's comforting that more and more companies have joined the ranks to build brand,showing a new development trend.

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    As the stock's most valuable company in the world,Apple's market capitalization  broke through $700 billion today,have reached a new record high.
    Apple`s valuation up to $119.59 after the opening bell on Tuesday.Market value of $701 billion,established a market capitalisation milestone that other US companies have never reached.As of tuesday's close,Apple shares reported $117.75, down 0.74 %,Market capitalization of $ 705,071,000,000.
    Although Apple has long been the world's largest company by market value,it's market value continues to rise,Apple`s market value has doubled of Steve Jobs periods under the leadership of Cook.
    700 billion this figure reached 1.7 times the world's second highest market capitalization of the market value of Exxon Mobil Corporation.The past five months,continued low oil prices led Exxon Mobil lost about $43billion,and now the total market capitalization about $405 bilion.Confidence in apple's growth comes from its September's latest iPhone,and the October release of faster and thinner iPad.Apple CEO COOK in updating the apple`s core products at the same time,but also attracting fans by launching new products,Including a new mobile payment system Apple Pay and the upcoming release of the smart watch next year .
    Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White says,due to a major update of Apple`s main product over the past three months and the lack of competitiors with innovative force,in the background of consumption`s growth in the US market,we believe that Apple has the opportunity to usher in a bright holiday shopping season.Although Apple is the only S & P 500 market capitalization of $ 700 billion company,it is from the title that most valuable company in the history still have some distance.Microsoft's market capitalization reached its peak in 1999 , more than 613 billion US dollars ,Converted to the equivalent of $ 874 billion this year .At that time, Microsoft accounted for 5% of the total market capitalization of the S & P 500 company , IBM even once reached over 6 percent ,but now, because the market generally rose to record highs , Apple accounted for the proportion of the S & P 500 has not yet reached 4%.
    The market value of this technology giant from Clifornia exceeded the world`s most popular search engine company Google in January 2010,and exceeded the Seattle Microsoft in four months after.Microsoft`s market value is $3940 billion.On the other hand , from a historical perspective , Apple is still relatively cheap.When Microsoft reached its peak ,  its price-earnings ratio of 72 times according to Nasdaq and Factset data .Apple's price earnings ratio is only 18,same as the verall level of s&p 500 level.But Apple's sales and profit growth is much higher than all the other blue chips ,Apple's revenue growth of 15%, while earnings growth of over 20 %.
    The Apple Watch which will be launched next year is the first new product since Cook took office.In this potential popularity on wearable devices , analysts appear big differences, but they all expect that Apple's stock price will be higher.
    Apple Investor Carl Icahn believe that the company has a lot of cash ,its true market value has already far more than 10 digits.If Apple wants to reach that milestone , then Apple 's stock need to rise by 43% to $ 171 .If apple want to achieve a new milestone, then apple's price need to rise by 43%,up to $171.
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