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Ikuto grabs someone's eggs and backs away showing ears "Need these?" you look at Ikuto and you.....
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Ikuto plays his violin in the music room when, +Paige Uchiha, +Splice Proxy, +Sasuke Uchiha, +Pika Proxy and +Sarada Uchiha hear him, since they were walking pasted it until they decided to....
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Ikuto walks to class and sees +Paige Uchiha "Oh great. Just more luck."

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Name: Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Age: 18
Race: Cat/Human
Gender: male
Class: A-2
Magic/Powers: can turn in to a half human and cat at the same time
Skills: play in the violin really well
Bio: likes +Amu Hinamori and playing with catnip
Appearances: below

+Paige Uchiha
Ikuto Tsukiyomi
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