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H E Y Let’s talk about everything. 
Like… EVERYTHING!!! I haven’t blogged in two months.  Two months of my life you are missing out
on.  Better yet, two months of my
feelings that I haven’t gotten down.  Shame on you, Hannah. Let's see if there are any phot...

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Remember back a little tiny bit ago when I told you about my
therapy sessions with Carol?  Yeah?
Good.  Well let me tell you a little
something about my experience with Carol 6 days ago. As I was driving to her office in Fleming Island, I was all
in the fee...

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0 to a hundy, REAL quick.
So many blog posts have been started since the last time I
actually published one… I don’t have the courage to post them yet.  But, don’t fret dear friend. THEY. ARE.
THERE. For now, you get this one.  And it gets real.... REAL QUICK.  Strap your helmets on...

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My name is Hannah and I have a diagnosis of M ajor D epressive D isorder { MDD } and a diagnosis of G eneralized A nxiety D isorder { GAD }.  AKA: I suffer from depression and anxiety .  This isn't something new that I have struggled with, in fact it has go...

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I'm sorry.
Dear you: Hi. I'm not too sure how to start an apology letter; I haven't written very many of them.  This one is long overdo.  In fact, it should have come to you years ago--but, I'm just now mustering up the courage to get it all out there and own up to ev...

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Why, oh why, OH WHY, did I ever quit blogging??  It was such a beautiful way for me to get thoughts out, keep memories preserved, and entertain.  Cuz, let's face it... I'm dang funny and YOU like reading these stupid things. It ain't no joke how much I like...

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-IS HURTING SO STINKIN BAD RIGHT NOW! But, nonetheless, here we are.  I don't think there is any other place I'd rather be than right here spending my evening with YOU!  Being that I know you were so concerned that I gave you such a tease with that last pos...

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AYE AYE AYE!  BLOG!  I have successfully not blogged my whole summer. What kind of lame person am I?  How do I expect to be a good wife, mother, student, daughter, Mormon, follower of the one true King when I don't let the universe know what the heck is goi...

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hope in humanity & a whole bunch of feels & some time
These last few days, I’ve been all up in the
feels.  Not the normal “oh, I’m so sad”
feels but the “there are seriously good people in the world” feels.  For those who don’t understand what feels are
[even though I use the term far too often for you not to ...

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I’m over here trying and pleading to talk to
you but you just won’t listen.  Isn’t
that the most frustrating thing in all of forever?  When you are trying to get someone’s
attention and they just won’t listen?  I’m not talking about the instances when you
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