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Storm chasing is so awesome... I got my hubby hooked on it!  :D

I can't wait to check out the storms across the midwest in a month!!!
I don't really have any new photos so I am going to start posting some older stuff until I get a chance to go out and take some new ones.  If you've seen them, I hope you enjoy the rerun.  If you haven't seen them before, then I hope you enjoy them for the first time.  

One of the things that really got me hooked on photography was chasing summer monsoon storms with lots of lighting in Arizona. At first, I would go with my wife, +Tamara Pruessner , and sit in the truck counting the minutes while she took photos.  Then one time I decided to try it out and I was hooked from that moment.  Every since then I have really enjoyed going out and trying to capture photos.  

#lightning   #azmonsoons   #Arizonamonsoons   #saguaros   #TortolitaMountains   #electric   #lightningphotos   #lightningstorm   #monsoon   #desertstorms   #desert   #desertlife   #desertliving  
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Você é muito talentosa
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Tamara Pruessner

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Ok, I am resharing this and sharing directly - so some of you might actually get this twice.  If you do, I am sorry (it just means that I doubly love you and you're in more than one circle... LOL!)

Anyways... today is the last day to enter a contest for one of my prints, an 11x14 print.  Please check out the Instagram post and join in!  I would love for everyone to get the opportunity to win a print.  If this first contest goes well, I will do another one...only hosted here on G+ (that way my G+ friends who don't want to mess with Instagram, get a chance too!)

Hope to see you there!!!


Did I get your attention??  I hope so!! (I am also notifying people because, dangit, G+ seems to have me on some sort of blacklist.. guess I should stop by here more.)

I am running a contest for a free 11x14 print of mine (winner's choice!).  Here is the link for it:

It is over at Instagram and you do need to be a member over there.  Please check it out!  Would love to see you there!!

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Did you ever host a contest on G+ +Tamara Pruessner​? I don't see anything posted by you on G+ since this.
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Tamara Pruessner

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Did I get your attention??  I hope so!! (I am also notifying people because, dangit, G+ seems to have me on some sort of blacklist.. guess I should stop by here more.)

I am running a contest for a free 11x14 print of mine (winner's choice!).  Here is the link for it:

It is over at Instagram and you do need to be a member over there.  Please check it out!  Would love to see you there!!

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+Ellie Kennard I really don't appreciate being chastised on a public post that is about a contest on a completely different subject. This isn't the first time you have done so. This will be the last time though.

Floral Friday has either very rarely, in the VERY beginning of pages being created, or never directly shared individual posts on that page. What I have done is curate a list of posts and people and shared that type of posting.

Just because Floral Friday isn't curated in the exact way YOU want it done does NOT mean it isn't actively curated. I don't appreciate myself or my fellow curators being attacked on this post for not doing things your way. In the future, if you want to discuss this, we can do so privately. 
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Tamara Pruessner

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I Wish You Hell

Week 20

It has been a while since I did this.  So many things have happened this summer, that has just taken over my life.  So... here is to starting this back up again and finishing it before the end of the year.  Just like I originally planned.

Inspired by Like A Storm and their song "I Wish You Hell".



So long, you ripped my heart away
Walk on, oh lord, I wish you hell
I wish you hell, walk on out
So long I wish you hell

Flickr Link: 

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À un doigt près...
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Tamara Pruessner

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So, back in March, we moved to Midland for a really awesome job for my husband.

This is one of the projects he and his boss get to design and be involved in.  It is the memorial for Chris Kyle (American Sniper  movie is about him), to be built in Odessa, where he was born.

Please, click through and check it out.  it has some REALLY cool design work and ideas.  

And please...if you would, share it around.  

#Texas   #LandscapeArchitect   #Midland   #Odessa   #PermianBasin   #ChrisKyle   #AmericanSniper  

As a Landscape Architect, you really enjoy getting to work on and be involved with really cool and meaningful projects.  This project is a great example.  I am very proud and excited to be a part of this and am really looking forward to this coming to fruition in 2016.  

Chris Kyle Memorial - Odessa, TX
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Nice and thank you
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Tamara Pruessner

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The Opposite Of Two

The birds were definitely posing for me this time!  Which isn't what they usually do for me.  LOL!

“What is the opposite of two?
A lonely me, a lonely you.”
― Richard Wilbur, Opposites, More Opposites, and a Few Differences

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In all seriousness +Tamara Pruessner .... I am doing a show soon near the water. LOTS of fishermen, water-men (and women) in that area. I think we could sell this and split the profits. 

(we need to do some more talking offline on this) 
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Tamara Pruessner

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Slip Away

Sooooo... I figured I should show some more photos.  Or something.  Maybe stay a while here at G+... I miss all of the friends I've made here.  I should definitely dip my toes back in the water.  (LOL!!)

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Happy birthday +Tamara Pruessner​. All the best wishes. Have a great day 🎂🌹
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Poking my head into the G+ space.... is this thing on??

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Hi +Shelly Gunderson!!  :D  

+Elizabeth Hahn, it is the cows right?  They are the ones running this place?  ;)  HI there!

Hi +Patrick Lyddy!!  How's your knitting?  I saw that weather scarf!

+Jim Harrington, ummm, this post has 115 pluses... and I didn't say anything about dying or dead here.... :)
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Tamara Pruessner

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All Those Things I Didn't Say

Week 21

Ohhh, another one down... just a lot left to go to catch up.  I will get there though!

This one is also #lyricallyinspired... By Rachel Platten's "Fight Song".



And all those things I didn't say
Wrecking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time?

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I'm alright song
My power's turned on
Starting right now I'll be strong
I'll play my fight song
And I don't really care if nobody else believes
'Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me

Flickr Link:

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So dam sexy
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Tamara Pruessner

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What's Your Pleasure?

Pleasure Pier, Galveston, Texas, July 2015

We were able to take an unexpected trip this summer to the beach.  This was the only morning I got up early enough to shoot the sunrise.  I learned some things...

1. The humidity fogged up my lens so I should have been there sooner and I should have bagged the lens and camera so they could acclimatize without the fogging.  

2.  Even though the sun was already up, the real show didn't begin until this moment, unlike the desert where the show starts 10 minutes before the sun appears and at this point in the sunrise, the show is over.  

3.  Being on the beach at dawn is one of the most amazing things, right up there with being in the desert at dawn.  

Happy Thursday!!

#Landscape   #landscapephotography   #Galveston   #Texas   #PleasurePier   #Sunrise  

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Check it out:
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Tamara Pruessner

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Sail Away

Earworm for you all... 

I'm sailing away
Set an open course for the Virgin Sea
'Cause I've got to be free
Free to face the life that's ahead of me

HAHA!  Just kidding.  Back to your regularly scheduled songs.  :)

#landscape   #landscapephotography   #ocean   #sailboat   #sunset   #Texas  

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Your Picture Beautifully captured and fantastic....Tamara Pruessner 
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Tamara Pruessner

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Building An Image – Assignment 3

Over the past three weeks, we have been studying the elements of a photograph.  We have studied lines, shapes, forms, and textures.  This week, we will be studying the last two elements, “patterns” and “colors”.


Patterns are in everything.  Our life could not exist without patterns.  Most of the time, we don’t see them because we are so busy in our lives.  There are two techniques that come into play when you work with patterns – either emphasizing them or breaking them.


Hooray for colors! Life is full of color, which is defined by hue, saturation and value.  Different colors have different messages and they can add visual weight and impact to your photos.

Because going into colors and color theory could be a mentorship in and of itself, I suggest that you look up some articles regarding color theory in regards to photography.  


This week, your assignment is going to be shooting at least 100 images of ‘patterns’ and 100 images of ‘colors’.  As I said before, once you hit xx amount of photos in just one element, you start seeing that element everywhere.

Please try not to combine the elements equally – if at all possible, try to do one or the other. If you do combine them, be sure to highlight and emphasize ONE element.  They should not have equal weight in your photo.

Again, these images need to be SOOC – this is to help train your eye to see through your viewfinder more.  


Once you have shot your patterns and colors, go through them and pick your favorite one of each element.  Then, post them on your profile and don't forget to hashtag them with #BuildingAnImage . Sometime next week, I will try to go through the hashtag and see if anyone had any problems or anything and comment along.

Please keep in mind that the LITE version of this program does not guarantee that I will come through your images.  I am also running the full-on intensive one and my time is mainly devoted to those mentorees.  I will do my best to see all of the images under the hashtag.

Good luck!  I am looking forward to seeing what you shoot this week.  Next week's assignment will be given out probably Sunday or Monday.  


I am not going to go through and try tagging people... I will place the link to the new assignment in the old assignment's comments.  The best way to get notified is to comment on the assignment.
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wow! fantastic!
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