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Tell Me Who You're Thinking Of

Week 13

This one is #LyricallyInspired ... And I hope you like the song I have associated it with.

Song: Lights by Battle Me And The Forest Rangers -


I see you out there on the wall
Say you'll jump instead of fall
Thinking this is all you are
Sinking ships 'n' shooting stars_
Saying this is who we are

Tell me who you're thinking of
Out there beyond us all
Taking pictures on the wall
With heavy hands and static balls
Saying this is who we are

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Dj Kuro
Awwwww man beautiful. 😀
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The One You Need

Week 12

I am slowly, very slowly, catching back up on my 52 weeks project.  Hopefully, I will have a second one later this week and then I will be only 2 weeks behind instead of 3.  LOL!!

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Tamara pls are your eyes natural
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Two To Tango

Happy #FloralFriday  everyone!!!  It has been a long, LONG time since I participated or curated this theme.  Things have been so busy around my life that I haven't even shot flowers in a long time.  I figured this one would be perfect for today.

Don't forget, the #FloralFriday  theme is curated by myself, +Eustace James, +Beth Akerman, and +Kiki Nelson...though I know those three have done way more than I lately.  And thank you immensely to them and to everyone who participates!!

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Very lovely!
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Come A Little Closer

Well, we made it to Texas on Saturday, got the kiddos to their new school on Monday and are waiting on the rest of our stuff to get here today.  Then, the real unpacking begins.  O_O

This is one of the last images I captured in Arizona, when +Christina Lawrie came down to visit for one last time before we had to leave.  

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Thanks +Jason Jakober!
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Have her in circles
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Did I get your attention?  LOL!!  So this is a +ViewBug - Photo Contests contest that ends in three days and yours truly is the judge!  So go check it out and if you have some wet surface photos - SUBMIT THEM!!!  The prize is a Fisheye Wide Angle lens!  (I'll be honest... kind of wish I could join the contest myself!)

#contest   #viewbug   #throughtamseyes  
Join Today to win awesome prizes and exposure! Immerse yourself in the World’s Most Amazing Photo Contest Community. Get your creative juices flowing, learn from peers and thought leaders, and improve as a photographer.
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Thanks for reminding me that I need to pimp "City Lights" more :P
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Find Your Sparkles

You know... I am beginning to think I really am on some sort of blacklist.  I don't see many things in my stream anymore.  I miss COUNTLESS posts and when I refresh it in the morning from overnight, guess what?!  THE SAME POSTS FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE ARE SITTING AT THE TOP OF MY STREAM!!!  Do you know how frustrating that is?!  I have over 2k (I think over 3k actually?) people circled.  I should be getting all sorts of interesting posts in my stream.  But no.  I get repeats over and over because my stream is not showing anything new. 

And I know the same thing is happening to others.  I am so frustrated with how low my viewership/engagement is.  I've tried everything I can think of.  Sigh.  Maybe Google+ really is dying.  :(  

#TakeBackTheStream   #IsGooglePlusDying  

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such a gorgeous portrait of a butterfly +Tamara Pruessner ..
I rarely look through the basic home stream..  I view my notifications & if time I click on one of my circles from the home page, & the mentions.. ..  loves ya sugah' cakes! ♥xo
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Week 11

I am so far behind... I believe I am 3 weeks behind now.  The move definitely threw my game off and now I have some serious catching up to do.

Anyone still on Flickr =>

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Love your intense look!
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For right now, I am posting photos that I have taken in the last month or so...because I am super far behind on my 52 weeks project because of our move.  Ugh.  I want to catch up on it, but I am feeling a little uninspired.  :(  So...if you have any ideas or thoughts on getting reinspired, please feel free to share!  I could use the help.

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Amazing capture!
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Chaos' Beginning

This was taken last summer.  I know I will miss these storms and chasing them all over southern Arizona, but I am looking forward to the different types of storms that are around west Texas.  It will be something new and exciting to see and photograph.

Most of my lightning photos are named after god/goddess mythology and this one is no different.  Chaos is the nothingness from which all else sprang and she also represented the lower atmosphere which surrounded the earth.

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There's alot here in Texas. 
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Kiss Me, Baby

So... I even got to see +Amy Heiden before I left Arizona!  She flew in for a last minute workshop and, of course, we had to get together!  We went out to the Desert Museum with my kiddos and had fun checking out as many of the animals as possible.  

We might have even dropped a Barbie into the porcupine cage - NOT ON PURPOSE!  Actually, it was my youngest and the cries could be heard all the way up to the office.  Fortunately, they were able to rescue Barbie and save the day.  ;)

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I'm sorry, but that made me laugh so much. :) Poor Barbie... ;)
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Long Goodbye

Week 10

This week, we are moving from Arizona.  We head back to Texas after almost 10 years of living in the desert.  

The desert is my home.  I was born and raised in the the high desert of New Mexico and when we had the opportunity to move here in May of 2005, it was my dream come true. 

I have born two of my three living children here and lost one.  We found a great house in a great neighborhood, a really awesome school for my children, and lots of new friends. And the storm chasing... Oh how I love thee.  LOL!  If it wasn't for Tucson, I wouldn't have began my storm chasing journey, that will continue in tornado country.

It is hard to close this chapter of our life.  So many things have happened.  But, a new adventure awaits us and I am excited for the next step.

This is the Rattlesnake Bridge in Tucson... I wish I had come here more often.  It is pretty amazing.

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Enjoy Texas! 
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