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My Saving Grace

So I entered this shot over at +ViewBug - Photo Contests in the Imagination contest... AND IT WON A FINALIST AWARD!!!!  WOOOOOT!!!!

Link to the post -

I don't know when the winner will be announced but I am super excited to have made finalist with this shot.  :D
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Fantastic concept!
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Breaking The Deal With The Devil

Week 37
I had an assignment this week. It was to only take 36 exposures, using completely manual settings including manual focus. Well, I use manual settings normally and before I got my current camera, in order to use my 50 mm lens, I had to use manual focus.
The challenge for me was to get myself in focus using manual... and then I changed the rules. What if I didn't go in focus and I used motion blur?
For this shot and all of the other exposures, I used the following song to dance to. I realized something else... It was very apt for me right now. I am breaking an 'addiction' (not drug or alcohol, but still an addiction, nevertheless) and this song is specifically about addiction (heroine in this case) and who you make a deal with every time you feed the addiction.
The Song - (and actual video) - Pop Evil - Deal With The Devil
Lyric Video (in case the actual one is too intense) - DEAL WITH THE DEVIL W/LYRICS - POP EVIL
Lyrics that I relate to the most...
I... have... found...
Comfort in sorrow.
Now... I'm... bound...
Empty and hollow.
I took the pills.
(I) I've been consumed.
-(I) I drank the water._
(I) I had to choose.
I'm still here with a fire burning, burning inside.
If you want to burn, light it up, light up, let it rise (light it right?).
When you're high, who ya flyin for?
When you ride, who ya riding for?
When you toast, who ya drinking for?
When you play, gotta deal with the devil.

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Well hello there, +Ricardo Williams!  :D
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Sparkly Bits Of Her Soul Showing Through

A touch of texture from +Joel Olives and a smattering of textures from +MCP and +Jodi Friedman ... and a whallop of bokeh to bring it all together.

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Pretty! I love the colors!
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Keeping An Eye On You

i've got nothing today...

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Nice click
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Watching The Colors Fade

Week 38

There is a small pair of lakes - really, one is a small pond and the other is a larger pond - near my house.  I have been wanting to shoot the sunset out there for a while and since we had a good amount of clouds yesterday... well, it was perfect.

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Super gorgeous. 
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To Bee Blindsided

Some times, if you aren't really careful, you will bee too busy, with your head in the flowers, and you will get blindsided by those you care about.  Some times, that blindsiding is a good thing, like a hit of ice water on a hot day.  Other times, it is heartbreaking.

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How wonderful, a beautiful photograph.
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Trying To Find Hope

We got some bad news this morning... kiddos and I have been kicked off state health coverage and the state has frozen the children's program completely.  We tried for insurance through the new marketplace... yeah, it would be over 8% of our income.  We are in that "in-between" area where it is too much to afford insurance for the whole family but make just a titch too much to get the state to help.  

The worst feeling in the world is knowing that our state level representatives don't care.  They have had a while to fix this and have said they have NO PLANS to help the 60k-ish children and families in Arizona that fall in those cracks.  


So.  Today, happy #FloralFriday  and the garden of flowers around G+ will surely brighten anyone's day.  I invite you all to peek around and comment and plus and let's get this party started.  HA!  (I know I am unfashionably late as always, being on the west coast timezone.  LOL!!)

Don't forget to tag +Eustace James, +Beth Akerman, +Kiki Nelson and myself to your gorgeous flower shots!

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+Windy Sawczyn The insurance and medical companies benefiting the most are the ones paying the politicians to block everything.  Our political system is a scam with corporations paying for laws to fit their agenda.  Either way, we need to get out and vote for someone who will look out for American people.  Otherwise it will just get worse.  

There is no reason for these people to choke off the country as they have been doing with health care and with the wages.  They are just being greedy.  Our roads and infrastructure is unsafe.  How long before another bridge collapses like the one in Minnesota a few years ago?  The USA is a country of poverty.  We have been fed this big fat lie that everything is alright.   My sons have been sent to wars that benefit oil companies.  US citizens have died on foreign soil because of corporate greed.  Our attention is directed to be in other countries business, so we don't really see how bad it is here.  It is bad with 50% of our people living in poverty.
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"Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that's in rhythm or you're in trouble." —Sugar Ray Robinson

It is time for another #PhotographyDeathMatch!!  Well, actually TWO matches!!

In the "Long Exposure" Ring, we have +Stephanie Binney vs +Wade Brooks!!

In the "Cars" Ring, we have +David Kunzler vs +Cora Triton!!

Photographer Battlees, please keep these rules in mind (I know, I know...rules!):

1. These photos MUST be taken between 4/16/14 and 4/22/14. No archival things, not even ones that you took yesterday. This challenge is for all of us to grow as photographers. (And note, the judges WILL be checking your exif data to make sure!)

2. This competition is friendly, no prizes, no awards. However, some trash talking is allowed - don't make it personal though. This is supposed to be fun and maybe you will get to know your opponent better and become great friends! 

3. Your THREE final photos (you can take as many as you need, as long as you have three to post on the battle day) will be posted on 4/23/14 and then the battle-royale will begin with 3 secret judges. Do NOT forget to tag your photos with  #PhotographyDeathMatch and make them public photos.

And lastly, the most important rule of all...

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I have two photos edited and ready for the battle. I will finish editing the last one tonight and start posting around 7 am (EST) tomorrow.  

Good luck to Stephanie Binney and the other team of Cora Triton and David Kunzler!
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#PhotographyDeathMatch Results!!

The results are in for Thursday's #PhotographyDeathMatch battles!! First, I really want to thank the participants - +Kirsty Railton, +Maayan Windmuller, +April Hill, and +Shannon Adelson!!!  Thank you so very much for making Thursday's battles so AWESOME! And thank you to our anonymous judges!!!  Second, I would like to apologize for these results coming a day late.  Things have been hectic around here to say the least - but that is no excuse. I am sorry.

Just a recap of the battles we had Thursday for #photographydeathmatch ... And you can click on either the hashtag above and then click "sort by recent" or you can open each photographer's page and go back and forth to see the battles.

In ring one, we had 

+Kirsty Railton vs. +Maayan Windmuller in the battle of "Toys".

Judges' Comments For Kirsty's images: Round 2: What a wonderful photo. I see a sad story here. I love how you have chosen to dull the colors of the steps while keeping the texture of the stone sharp.  It gives it a real grungy feeling against the soft fur of the teddy bear.  I also love how the leg almost seems to be a bit exaggerated in size.  It adds to the surreal feeling of the work.

Judges' Comments For Maayan's images: Round 1: This is a really nice start! I like the concept that he's brought to life, and it'll be interesting to see whether he continues to explore a similar theme throughout all three submissions. I like the desaturation he did in post -- maybe I'm missing the intent, but there's a bit of menace in the mood here, even though they're toys and in theory supposed to be fun and happy. The colour and the extra tonal range that he got by using HDR adds to that mood for me. and I thought it was kinda of ironic how you could easily put Kirsty's chicken inside of the basket in Maayan's pic and make an story out of the first round. and Maayan did a fantastic job with the storm troopers. Great light and colors. Only one thing was missing in my opinion. A story. You could have them interacting with each other in a battle, a dance, twerkin or something. 

It was a tough call, but Kirsty edged out Maayan... just barely.

In ring two, we had

+April Hill vs. +Shannon Adelson in the battle of "Architecture".

Judges' Comments For April's images: Round 3: Again, an unconventional look at the subject, and kudos to April for taking us right out of the average out-of-the-box thinking on all three of her submissions to this matchup! There's definitely lots to look at here, but interestingly enough I can detect a right-to-left sweep in the way my eyes tend to move when I look at this image -- that's also something that I find original and unusual about this composition.

Judges' Comments for Shannon's images: Round 2: I love the depth and height that he created with this shot! I also love the off center composition and the reflections! The contrast of light and shadow on the building is wonderful to me. This one jumped out at me with the subject, leading lines and reflections.

Another tough call...but in the end, Shannon just edged out April...barely.

WHEW. Thank you again to the audience (the true winners), the photographers, and the judges. Stay tuned on Wednesday, April 16th, for the new opponents and themes!!
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Congrats to all, great stuff!
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Splish, Splash

I have been exercising quite a bit during the last month, as in 5 times a week.  Three days of weight lifting and cardio, two days of swimming a mile.  

Yesterday, I went for my morning swim and pushed myself to do flip turns.  I admit, I really dislike flip turns.  My rhythm and timing get off and I ended snorting water and nearly choking almost every time, UNLESS I am racing.  For some reason, my timing always turns out.  Since I can't race every time I try to swim laps, I figured it was high time for me to figure the rhythm out correctly.

I am pleased to say at out of 70 possible flip turns, I made all but about 10 of them.  WOOT!!  The ten I missed were due to pausing at the wall or messing up the timing of my breathing.

Bonus... I shaved about 5 minutes off my mile time!!!!  Double WOOT!!

this image isn't me... it is a lifeguard I photographed a few years ago

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July 23
I am a nature photographer and avid knitter. My photography site is
I am a photographer, knitter, mother of three living children and one angel baby, wife, sister, niece, daughter...I try not to let those labels define me.  :D

I am on a quest to find myself through my photography.  I am finding that I do a lot of floral work and I would like to break out of that mold and try new things.

As of right now, I do sell my prints and I do sell portrait photography.

I have a website -


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