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Man points camera at ice – seconds later he captures the impossible on film as a piece of glacier the size of the Lower Manhattan falls into the ocean.

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Our solar system takes 225 million years to rotate around the Milky Way.

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What parents should do!

These Xbox / PS4 / Windows 10 stations will never bring your child forwards in life. Truth is: The opposite is the case.

Instead give them a simple Ubuntu PC, let them write / create their own games, e.g. with Thonny, a highly interactive IDE (Integrated Desktop Environment):

Have fun!
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Can anyone post a link to cm11 most recent snapshot?
Now that links are dead for cyanogenmod, if someone can provide a snapshot it would be greatful. My Motog falcon has been terrible in performance on cm14.1/lineageos so was thinking to revert to kitkat!

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This is a post regarding kenzo device i.e xiaomi redmi note 3
I just want to know from the cyanogenmod devlopers behind this device, how much open are the h/w parts of this device. I know this device has snapdragon SOC, so it should be fairly open, but has xiaomi done anything special with the SOC, like put some h/w component like the fingerprint sensor or some camera module that is not open, due to which future porting would see some hit? The ROM is already huge in size > 400Mb which shows a lot of closed source BLOBs?
I want to be fairly sure this gets supported for atleast 2 more years, if i purchase this now. Any inputs regarding this would be nice.

Thanks for all the existing support. Cyanogenmod Rocks.
#Kenzo #cyanogenmod #Xiaomi #RedmiNote3
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