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Google "+", even though it's less useful to me than just Google.

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I would rather have an NBA season (and offseason for that matter), but I love Blake Griffin, and I'm excited about this as an alternative

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This is what players like Kevin Durant do during a lockout

Google+ reminds me of that scene in Bambi where he's trying to learn how to walk

I don't know what circle this puts me in or takes me out of, but I really like "Purple Pills" by D12

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Cant wait to listen to these

We think we're complaining about Facebook/Google+ to each other, but I'm pretty sure in these early stages my stream is being viewed by Google as little more than a big suggestion box. In this case, Google+, I suggest you use the toaster to reheat leftover pancakes. It warms em up and makes em crispy

Is it just me, or will "+1" always belong to an extra life in Mario

I heard Facebook is starting their own search engine. It's only in beta now, but it's exactly like Google and you have to be invited

I feel like I'm going to make the wrong decisions regarding friends/contacts/circles on here in this infant stage, then regret it later
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