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If you want to follow someone with some great photography then +Tom Anderson  is the guy!
I guess after Burning Man I'm missing the heat of the desert, because I spent most of the day outside in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas today. The canyon gets its name from the impressive and unique red colored sandstone mountains. I was out looking for some shots when I happened across these wild burros. At first I was a little worried they were going to make mince meat of me, but it turns out they were more afraid of me than I was of them. I tried to be cool and followed them around for about an hour. Once they got used to me, I was able to get a nice close shot with the red rock mountains behind them. Nice burro! 

Wow, the new Google+ app looks great. I always thought Path had the best looking app, but Google+ is giving them a run for their money.

Anyone have any insight on picking between Tout, Viddy and SocialCam? Want to start using one, but can't decide which and why!

Does anyone know someone at YouTube that can help me with a channel issue? Their help area isn't much help. Thank you in advance.

I hope everyone is having a super awesome holiday season and wish the best for all of you in the new year. Maybe in 2012 we'll all figure out how to manage our Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and every other social applications we attempt to use on a daily basis...or not. :)

Taking a little digital vacation to rest the eyes. I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving and enjoying some R&R with the family!

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You can hear 60 channels, including +SiriusXM Hits 1, FREE for 2 weeks! Literally, you just have to turn it on! Deets here: Thank you in advance or listening! Much appreciated. :)

I just found out that my mom learned how to pause the TV from my 7 year old nephew. That's just how life works these days isn't it.

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Very few things in life are better than a bit from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. This time he visits Occupy Wall Street!

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Check out the just released video for @KatyPerry's"The One That Got Away!"
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