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Editor of kids' activities and parenting blog

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New look for link shares on Google+
A link share, or embedded link, is when you create a Google+ post and paste a URL into the "Link" field (versus a photo or video). If your featured image is wide enough (assume 570px or more) you'll get this beautiful new look, with the title, business page name (for some), and meta description written underneath. 

Google+ has now joined the ranks of Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for giving links more visual love in the stream. 

As it turns out, this article talks a little more about what you should be thinking about when it comes to social media posting, and I can't help but smile at what this is going to do for my results :D

UPDATE: These link shares are now all nofollow.

(More info on the new look for links from +Google Plus Daily )

Have you checked what your blog looks like on mobile?

Everyone's going mobile! You can check in your Google Analytics reports to see how many users are reading your site via a mobile device - and you might be surprised by just how many are. It's also revealing to look at what your bounce rate is like for mobile traffic, as that can tell you how mobile-friendly your site is. Do people click straight away from your blog? If so, here are four quick items that can improve things.

Does your blog look welcoming on mobile? Are your gorgeous photos displaying, or are you in a dull, tile format?

Can readers on mobile easily read your other posts? If your menu and search is not so easy to use on mobile,  have you got links to your archive posts within your recent ones? Have you got a clear link at the end of your post to other articles that readers might want to read? Make it easy for them to read more!
Does your 'pin it' button work? Some don't on mobile devices, so it's a good idea to check yours does, or you could be missing lots of potential traffic from Pinterest shares.

Have you optimised your blog mobile view to compensate for a missing side bar, and missing side bar ads? Have you set up ads specifically for mobile display, or added them within posts? If not, you could be losing ad revenue on all your mobile traffic.

How have you optimised your blog for mobile readers? Share a tip with us! 

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Day One of #simpleplay is all about Water.

Here are 10 favourite water play ideas - and an invitation for you to join in.

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New Year Blog-keeping

Remember to give your blog a mini New Year makeover. 

1: Re-order your Pinterest boards. Move your Christmas-themed boards lower down, move other boards up to replace them.

2. Plan some new seasonal content. Goal Setting, Healthy Living, Valentine's prep, Chinese New Year ~ what's your focus for January?

3. Re-vamp your side bar Take down buttons or 'popular posts' that focus on Christmas, and highlight some other great content instead.

What other New Year blog-keeping are you doing?

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Here’s a super simple idea for a star garland that toddlers and preschoolers can make. It looks lovely and festive, and is a great work out for developing fine motor skills.

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Play Ideas for every day this week!

Here's this week's Play Planner ~ a weekly delivery of play ideas from +NurtureStore and friends. Pop your e-mail in the sign-up box on the website if you'd like to have your copy delivered straight to you each Sunday.

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This is a lovely simple sewing project for kids ~ how to make a Christmas tree decoration and a heart ornament.


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This really is a super yummy, very easy Christmas biscuit recipe. We make several batches each year, as they’re great for decorating the tree, giving as gifts… and eating yourself!

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For some fun festive food, try these super cute Christmas recipes for kids!

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