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Jimmy Ether
Works at Capocus! Films
Attended Georgia State University
Lived in Fayetteville, GA
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Jimmy Ether

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Imagine if a community of music lovers pledged $1 per song/per week... and that funding paid bands to make high quality records, release vinyl and have complete artistic control and ownership of their work. Please help me pull it off.

Patrons get in-studio videos; high res 24bit lossless, 16bit lossless, and MP3 downloads; and first priority discounted pre-order on audiophile quality vinyl... all for $1 per song (same cost as iTunes).

Artists get high quality recordings to which they own the master; are PAID for the session dates; and receive of 50% of any net profits from the vinyl pressing.

We'll be featuring all kinds of fringe artists from metal, noise rock, underground hip-hop, r&b, alt. country, indie-rock, avant pop, jazz and experimental.

Help us build a sustainable ecosystem for creativity and artistry and help break the cycle of marginalizing musicians, devaluing music and shrugging off audio fidelity. Thank you!
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Jimmy Ether

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My favorite Radiolab episode and probably my favorite subject in all of science (and all of life, really). Ant colonies, music, our thoughts, our sense of self, organizations, cities, movements, solar systems, the universe, probably whatever is beyond that, etc. All ignorant simpleton individual elements randomly falling into functional patterns which are more intelligent than most intelligent individual... with no orchestrator.
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Jimmy Ether

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Paul Thomas Anderson directs Fiona Apple once again! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Her best album too.
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Nice voice, song & letter. 
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Jimmy Ether

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Bob... Dylan... wrote propaganda songs.
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#minutemen   #dboon  
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Jimmy Ether

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Rassen-fressen consarn idget galoot flibbertygibbet rada raDA RADA!

Only cartoons can express my Monday morning feelings accurately.
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+Walt Skidmore I haven't seen that. I'll have to look it up.
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Jimmy Ether

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To myself on treadmill: "Come on! Only 5 minutes to go. That's like one long Silkworm song or 18 Heavy Vegetable tunes!
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silkworm. #savannahga BOOM!
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Jimmy Ether

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Album you must own: 

Octa#grape full-lenth!
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Jimmy Ether

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"I just bought semaphore flags and mace. Let's find out which will capture your eye."

Demo for new Ether Family tune.
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Semaphore Flags and Mace

It's not me. It's you
and my scorn you choose
to ignore all the time.

But if my bad mood
put a damper to
your day I'd be surprised.

And I'd do anything thing
to tick you off
and waste your clock.
The shattered glass
and gears will stop.
Standing frozen
you will wait
for me to fathom our stagnant life.

When I vent
you seem quite content
to press your plans despite
an indifference which
you've surrendered to.
I would think
that you'd see through
everything I do
to shake you up
and make you stop
staring into your wristwatch.
Hands are moving in your face.
Who knows which ones you will chase.
I have gambled guessing
if you'll notice
anything I try.

I just bought semaphore flags and mace.
Let's find out which will capture your eye.
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Jimmy Ether

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"Audience, please! Every minute matters!"

Thank you, England, for giving us Andrew Falkous (and Stephen Fry).
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Jimmy Ether

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Man, this album is so damn good. I may just listen to it on repeat all week. Meanderthal by Torche on @Rdio:
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i’ve seen both incarnations at an outdoor venue in jax (no longer exists) called the pit between riverside and downtown. incredible, good stuff, translates really well live – although, i have never listened to their recordings.
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Recordist, Mastering Engineer, Application Developer, Filmmaker, Songwriter, Recording Artist
  • Capocus! Films
    Filmmaker, 2009 - present
  • Etherdev
    Web and Mobile Developer, 1997 - present
  • Jimmy Ether Mastering & Recording
    Recordist & Mastering Engineer, 1994 - present
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Fayetteville, GA - Jonesboro, GA - Austell, GA
Jimmy has fancy plans... and pants to match.
The Snappy Version

Recordist. Mastering engineer. Noise maker: The Ether Family Presents, Big Ragoo, Inverted Jenny, I'm Clairvoyant, Aloha State, etc. Lossless & vinyl advocate.

Web & mobile developer: Ruby, Javascript; dabbling now in Clojure & iOS.

Budding filmmaker and cinematographer. Mostly experimenting with film shorts, music videos and music related documentaries.

Coffee. Scotch. Too many projects. More coffee. More Scotch.

The Verbose Version

Jimmy Ether is a pseudonym, in case you hadn't guessed. I've used it for most creative endeavors since the late 90's. You may also know me as J Ryan Williams... or just Ryan, if you're around me in person.

Lookit... I'm a triple-threat!

*** MUSIC ***
I'm a recording and mastering engineer (; a music fanatic who advocates for high fidelity lossless downloads and "vinyl done right"; a recording artist who plays in The Ether Family Presents..., The Big Ragoo, The Aloha State, Inverted Jenny and more; a label owner of the Headphone Treats artist collective (; a lyricist and songwriter; a guitarist, vocalist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, trianglist, juice-harp player (in descending order of ability).

Music is my priority in life. Aside from my own projects, I try to always make myself available to artists who ask for my help (inexpensively... or for free when possible). I'm not a fan of those who see artists as a market to be mined. The music economy should be based on community support, so -- aside from improving audio fidelity -- I spend a lot of time trying to help make that feasible.

*** FILM ***
I recently started a production company called "Capocus! Films" through which I am soon releasing several documentaries (mostly music related) and we have plans to start shooting music videos and perhaps some art-house style shorts soon. Ultimately, I'd love to do a feature film, but that's going to take some time. I work with HD video, DSLRs, Final Cut Pro, etc. Not really interested in corporate or personal event type work, but give me a holler if you have some music-related production need. I may be game.

Art rarely pays the bills, right? So, I've been a server administrator and web developer as well since about '97. I work with Ruby, ExtJS, Sencha Touch, iOS and all the little adjacent technologies application developers have to dork with these days. Though I've done a lot of commercial and non-profit work until recently, these days I'm mostly focused on personal and open source projects... particularly those aimed at helping artists be more productive, self-sustaining and a part of a vibrant, supportive community.

So if you want help with your amazing web startup idea, sorry, my plate is kinda full. If you need a web or mobile app built, I highly recommend calling my friends at Twelve Foot Guru for a quote, though ( But, be advised -- they don't take hope, wishes and dreams as payment.

*** HOBBIES ***
Coffee. Scotch. Vinyl hunting. Studying films. Gardening. Cycling. Not sleeping. Did I say coffee?
Bragging rights
I can drink my weight in rock and roll.
  • Georgia State University
    Commercial Music & Recording, 1991 - 1995
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