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Ashley Yakeley
Bloody Brilliant.
Bloody Brilliant.
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Why do galaxies all have that same symmetry (I think it's 2/m) and no other?

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Hey mathematicians & statisticians (+John Baez +Dan Piponi +John Cook etc.)

From the outside, the field of statistics seems remarkably disorganised, like it’s a big grab-bag of tests and statistics for various situations. It seems like the kind of thing that in other mathematical fields would be sorted out by category theory and the like, but this seems not to have happened. I would have expected something like a general language of hypotheses or something.

What’s up with that? Am I way off-base here?

A great deal of my coding work takes the form of two steps:

1. restructure the code without changing the behaviour
2. make a small change to the code to make the desired behavioural change

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Am I doing the right thing, exercising the rights the authors gave me, or depriving them of fair compensation?

Co-worker's license plate is WHUMSUM (for "what happens under the monad stays under the monad"). #Haskell  

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More suspicion of computationalism.

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An argument against computationalism.

One of the problems of not being trained in mathematics is that even when I have a rigorous proof in my head, I have trouble writing it down in a way that mathematicians can read without scratching their heads.

I've been learning Coq, but that may be possibly worse in this regard.

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On Univalent Foundations, with some reference to proof assistants.
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