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Katelyn McCallum

Who here is from Japan, lives in Japan or knows someone in Japan?

Looking for any estiticians or anyone who knows any!

Life has been, lets just say, kinda crazy lately. I was working 60+ hour weeks for about 3 months, 20 of those hours unpaid, running my own business on the side and then also organizing an art auction in which we raised close to $3,000 to benefit the church and orphanage in Nicaragua that my church partners with. This is the orphanage and church that I visited last year and felt my calling from God to travel and take photos of orphans in 3rd world countries.

But what do you do when you hear a calling like that and are simply a nanny? How do you do that when you do not have the time or financial freedom to travel more than 2 weeks out of the year? It was a tough spot to be in so when Nerium walked into my life, I jumped at the opportunity. And, boy, was I glad that I did.

2 weeks ago, my full-time job as a nanny ended. I was let go due to various circumstances but basically I was out of a job. It was definitely the right time and I have no ill-will or feelings towards my prior employers but if I had not been running my business with Nerium on the side, I do not know what I would have done.

How many people have been through something similar in their lives? How many people have a Plan A but no Plan B? Or think that they will get a new Plan A when their current Plan A ends? GUYS. I don't mean to be mean or raw or too real with you here but that is a terrifying and stressful way to live. What if you could earn extra income and start earning a 6-figure reciprocal income on only 5 hours a week? What if you could earn all the tax benefits of owning your own business, a new car (free) and start building a global business that you can will to your children for only 1-5 hours a week? Would you take that opportunity?

I had not intention when I sat down to write this post to make this all about Nerium. That being said, it is very hard for me to not shout how exciting this all is from the roof tops!  I am MY OWN BOSS now. I keep my own hours, work when I want, take a sick day if needed, and get paid while traveling. I can work on my photography full-time now, see family when I want too, dream again about all the places I want to go and see, and Nerium simply fits into any lifestyle that I want. If I have interested you at all, please check out my link below and send me a message if you want more info. We are currently in 4 countries - the US, Canada, Mexico and South Korea and over the next 36 months our growth will be huge. Why not at least look into something that could change your life completely? Please don't wait for your Plan A to run out and not have a Plan B. It's not worth it in todays society.

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10 days after using NeriumAD Night and Day cream

Nerium has now partnered with Princeton to bring you not only skin health but health for your brain too!

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Want results within 30 days like in the photos? Curious about if you could be a business owner AND make money at it? If you are even 1% interested in either of those questions, come down to Panera in Ashburn tonight from 5pm-6pm. my company is having a little shindig and I would love for you to be my guest!

The address for tonight is:
43670 Greenway Corporate Drive, Ashburn VA 20147

If you can not make it tonight but would like more info, send me a message!
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I am going to be camping at Assateague this summer for 2 nights and I was hoping to possibly do some night photography....anyone on here know if star trails are possible? I have never been camping there before so I don't know if we are far enough removed from civilization to do that.

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Human Nature

Warning, the photo attached to this post has some strong language in it. The post doesn't, just the photo :)

People fascinate me. I took Psychology 101 at Mason and I have since then, become ver more fascinated by the human condition. What makes us think the way that we do, act the way that we do, create art the way that we do, talk the way that we do, etc. It is part of the reason why I am so drawn to abandoned places that have been "adopted" by grafitti artists. I am always fascinated by firstly why those spaces became derelict and secondly why people decorate them the way that they do.

There is a certain edginess to street art. It finds its beauty in the grunge, decrepit, disrespected and abandoned spaces in our cities and finds a way to burrow itself into our lives - whether we want it to or not. The same space can be occupied by hundreds, if not thousands, of artists over a span of time and each artist seems to build off of what the other one had already placed there. That was a bit reason why I did not try and photoshop or edit out the choice wording scribed upon the front of this old couch. I believe in representing street art as it is, raw and real and in your face.

I easily could have probably left the couch out of the photo and focused on other things that were in the car depot but when Lainey and I saw that couch, I think we both knew that that was a strong focal point for our photos to springboard off of. I think taking the couch out or trying to altar what was written on it would have sat ill with me; I would have created something that was not "true," and sometimes with photography you have to take a chance, put out what you have created and hope it does not offend too much :)

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you and yours G+ers!!!!!

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Room With a View

I was at my cousins wedding in Natahala Valley, NC this weekend when I found this shell of a house. The wedding was at Nantahala Valley Resort, nestled in the heart of the Smokey Mountains and it was an absolute blast. I got to see a lot of my family that I haven't seen in over a year and I got to witness my cousin marry his beautiful wife, welcoming a new cousin to the family.

The morning of the wedding, my aunt (the mother of the groom) threw a brunch for the families of the engaged couple and I had gone on a small stroll with my other cousins fiance (the brother of the groom). There was a small hill outside of the Tabor House where the brunch was, and on the hill there were two small stone cabins. Camera in hand, I marched up the hill to see what kind of view there was - the mist that morning was unreal - and that is when I found the burned out cabin.

Since these cabins - there were only three in total, including this one - are made of stone, when this one caught on fire it turned it into a scorched shell. I could tell it had caught on fire the moment I saw it. All the windows were gone and the stone outside of the window frames were scorched. I gingerly ascended the steps, not sure of how stable the foundation was now, and when I got on the porch, I could see the front room had a small pile of clothing in it and a wooden chair. Both were un-scorched by the flames and most likely the result of squatters.

I didn't enter the house right away because to an extent it felt a little intrusive to enter. This was a place where a horrific and violent event happened and not knowing the origin of the fire or the history behind it, I did not know if anyone had been caught inside when it happened. I gathered up more courage a few moments after and will post those photos later. 

I wish I could have spent more time exploring the house and photographing the varied textures and shapes that were created in the fire. Old buildings are a bit of an obsession of mine, especially abandoned ones - even ones abandoned due to fire.
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