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Mohammed Taher
I'm everything you're not.
I'm everything you're not.
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Now available in English, Arabic, and Japanese. Spread the word!

Finished "Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet" with 100% map completion. Pretty much a perfect use for the Metroid formula. Fascinating from start to finish. Currently playing "Bastion", and the repetitive nature of its gameplay is already wearing thin – I'm not really having much fun. We'll see.

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She's back. It's been 5 years. Gosh. When their last album was out, I didn't even know all of you who are reading this now. New single in a couple of days. Can't fricken wait.
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dear people whom I have never heard of in my life yet randomly add me to their circles, I too would like to be your friend, so please send me a message or something and tell me who you are instead of just adding me out of the blue.

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Rolling Stone Names Lady GaGa This Generation's Queen Of Pop |

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"Hi. I'm Shiina.
An assistant producer of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions(iPhone ver).

Let me deeply apologise.
We couldn't release FFT:WoL(iPhone) in June and Spring has been over.
I'm really sorry."


Is the slow-down problem solved?
-Yes! It's definitely fatser, comfortable to play.
We'll show it in the trailer or a movie clip.

Is it a universal app?
-No. We'll release iPhone ver and iPad ver both.

When will you release the iPad version?
-Now we plan to release it 1 month later than iPhone version.

Supported 3GS?
-Yes! Absolutely!

3G also supported?
-No. We tried to support 3G but it was toooo slow to play the game.

Does it have the Multiplayer mode.
-Nope. We had to cut it off for iOS devices.

-No. We don't plan to release add-ons now.

Did you add the autosave function?
-Yes! Exactly!
If you get a phone call, the game will be automatically saved
and you can get back to the game immediately. took much time to add this function. It made the dev team exhausted.
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Watch this playlist to properly understand Google+:
The Google+ project: A quick look

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