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Joe Zbiciak
Dare to be stupid!
Dare to be stupid!


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I've been pulling apart the INTV88 motherboard...

Just so everyone knows, LTO Flash! has been released and is selling quickly.

I'm going to have to do another board run soon!

Epic sounding status bit of the night:  VOLTRIS:  Pump Voltage Raw Interrupt Statis.

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Sign this White House petition to restore original copyright term (14 years plus 14-year renewal). If enough people sign, the administration has to at least respond. We all know that the response will be, "No way," but why not get yourself on the record anyway? I am. 

Commands like this remind me why I love UNIX and UNIX-derived environments:

cd `pwd | sed -e s/blah1/blah2/`

Great when "blah1" is buried in the middle of a long fangly path...

BrewDog officially kicks ass.

I ordered 3 rather expensive Abstrakt beers from them recently. My local postal station, due to a clerical error, sent them back "unaccepted" a mere day after they arrived.

Once I alerted the awesome folks at BrewDog what happened and they verified the situation with ParcelForce, they actually put a new order in the system to send me fresh Abstrakt beers ahead of them receiving the errant returns.

That is nothing short of awesome customer service.

Oy. So I guess my brain just isn't wired for down-counting loops in C-like languages.

Across four such loops in one of my functions, all four started with their starting index one too high (fencepost error), and two had "i++" instead of "i--" for their loop increment.

I've been making these mistakes for the last 20 years. You'd think I'd learn.

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Sometimes, I pick silly identifier names when writing throwaway C++ programs.

(No C++ expertise required for this example.)

Apparently, one of my cats (Amy) has developed an irrational hankering for pork rinds, of all things.
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