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We’re often asked just what is the difference between all these different patio heater prices, some are really cheap and others over twice the price. I know it’s a very confusing market, patio heaters cross over 3 different types of markets. 

They are split between:
Commercial patio heaters.
These are built like tanks, manufactured to take the heavy duty life within a commercial environment.  They are expected to work 24/7, get shifted about and knocked around by staff and customers alike so must be up to the job.  The components will last much longer between servicing to ensure longer running periods.

Mid range domestic
Good quality patio heaters for your back garden or patio.  Built on the same principle of commercial but for the garden rather than a busy bar.  They will have full stainless steel burners so are fully serviceable and very reliable.  Look identical to commercial patio heaters.

Budget Market patio heaters.
These are manufactured to a price point and sold very cheaply. Manufactured in low grade steel and supplied with a chrome burner.  The benefit is they are very cheap, downside is they rust very quickly, have firing issues and lean slightly due to the low grade steel and poor supports. When they go wrong it’s down to the tip – non repairable.

Reviews are a great way to find out more on which type of heater is best, for a ‘one off’ party get a budget market patio heater and flog it off on an auction site.  For long term use choose a better quality mid range and if you are a bar or restaurant you really need commercial.

There you have it, 3 different types of market within patio heaters.

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At this time of the year patio heaters are just coming out of hibernation and being fired up after the winter rest. To help get your patio heater going again we just added step by step guide to changing a patio heater thermocouple. All the info and more is on

Now the autumn evenings are here we’re getting calls on how to service and fix gas patio heaters. We have plenty of help pages online but a quick clue is always check the thermocouple first.  If your patio heater is more than 2 years old and the pilot lights but doesn’t stay on it's time to change the thermocouple.  Cheap to fix and a new one will last another 2 to 5 years.  To be sure go online to patioheaters4u, we’re there to help even if you missed out on one of our quality patio heaters and have a different model.

Patio heater specialist are now better connected to answer all you questions on gas patio heaters. This is the time of year when we all want to start spending more time outdoors and a good looking well made patio heater will make it all the more pleasurable. We are the UK’s biggest and oldest specialist patio heater company, if you need help please get in touch.
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