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The Charles E Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation
#morgellons, fiber disease, delusional, parasites,randy wymore, ginger savely,OSU-Tulsa, #CEHF, research, ray stricker, middelveen, BDD, unexplained dermopathy, CDC, Kaiser/Perm, cindy casey, peter mayne, #CEHMDF, #SearchingForTheUNcommonThread, #borrelia, #Lyme
#morgellons, fiber disease, delusional, parasites,randy wymore, ginger savely,OSU-Tulsa, #CEHF, research, ray stricker, middelveen, BDD, unexplained dermopathy, CDC, Kaiser/Perm, cindy casey, peter mayne, #CEHMDF, #SearchingForTheUNcommonThread, #borrelia, #Lyme

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#TeresaPriolo and #FOX5NY, Thank You for having the courage and morality to share the truths about Lyme disease. If, you really want and eye-opening experience, look into the Borrelia bacteria that causes Lyme disease's connection with Morgellons disease.

The #CHARLESEHOLMANFOUNDATION funded research studies over the last several years that revealed 100% of Morgellons patients had underlying Borrelia infection (ie. Lyme). Studies have demonstrated that 6-10% of Lyme disease patients develop symptoms of Morgellons disease. This is very frightening when realized that the IDSA and CDC fail to believe that Borrelia can persist in a long-term, chronic state. Furthermore, people suffering with Morgellons disease are placed into the 'mental' arena and most fail to even receive an appropriate medical evaluation for a physiological disease.

I pose these questions: If the truth about the pathogen Borrelia were acknowledged and appropriately researched, how many other medical conditions might it be found involved in, too? MS, Parkinson's, ALS, miscarriages, fetal deaths, Morgellons ...where else will this dangerous pathogen be realized? How many people must endure the wrath of Borrelia, unchecked, before true medical research and appropriate medical management are undertaken?

The CDC is given the responsibility to protect the public from infectious disease. They have failed in their due diligence of duties both legally and esp morally.

#Morgellons #Lyme #Borrelia #Morgellonsisinthelymemixtoo
#thecehforg #TeresaPriolo #FOX5NY

Sunny Gwen Simmons
Gwen Simmons, RN, PHN-B

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IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS in #Morgellons research: Laboratories Confirm Role of Infection in ‪#‎Morgellons‬ Disease.

#Morgellons  #MorgellonsResearch  #Borrelia  #Lyme    #RandyWymore   #IGeneX   #MorgellonsConference2016  

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The MyLymeData Project is important to us all. Morgellons patients please be stand up and be counted. The data from this project will help us push the truth about Lyme, Borrelia and Morgellons into the forefront of medical awareness.
Remember, Morgellons is in the Lyme mix, too. 
Sunny :)

#Lyme   #Morgellons   #MyLymeData   #Borrelia   #TheCEHMDF 

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2016 CEHMDF Morgellons Medical Conference
          Registration Now OPEN.....!! 

Check out our fabulous speaker line up and summaries of their topics On the website. You will not want to miss this conference! Hear all the latest in research and treatment of Morgellons disease and an excellent overview of Borrelia and associated pathogens. 

‪#‎MorgellonsConference2016  ‬ 
‪#Morgellons ‬ ‪#Lyme ‬ ‪#‎Borrelia‬ 

Morgellons 2016 Conference
The Charles E. Holman Foundation will be hosting the 9th Annual Medical - Scientific Conference on Morgellons Disease in Austin, TX on April 30 - May 1, 2016


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It's Lyme not Mental...How to tell the Difference.

Psychiatrist Robert C. Bransfield, MD explains how lyme is often mistaken for psychiatric problems and how inflammation caused by b. Burgdorferi damages your nervous system. Dr. Bransfield offers himself as a resource to help your physician understand the neurological component of Lyme.
Dr. Robert Bransfield is on the ‪#‎CEHMDF‬ Medical Advisory Board. 
Go Dr. Bransfield!
#morgellons     #neuroborreliosis   #borrelia   #Lyme  
‪  ‬ #ILADS     #RobertBransfieldMD     #CEHMDF‬

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Atlas of Science Spotlights Morgellons disease Research

“Atlas of Science” Spotlights Morgellons research paper, Exploring the association between Morgellons disease and Lyme disease: identification of Borrelia burgdorferi in Morgellons disease patients. BMC Dermatol: 2015 Feb 12.

The new project “Atlas of Science” started from 1st October 2015. The main focus of Atlas of Science is publishing layman’s abstracts of research articles to highlight research to a broader audience ...

#morgellons   #Raystricker   #MarianneMiddelveen    

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Empowering Through Research: 2016 CEHMDF Calendar featuring 27 HD microscopic images taken by the scientists during Morgellons research studies.

Finally, the wait is over...
  ... the 2nd Annual 2016 CEHMDF Calendar has arrived.
This year we are featuring 27 original high-resolution color images from CEHMDF funded Morgellons research. This is the first time many of these have been available for publication. Makes a great gift for any medical provider or anyone interested in the reality of Morgellons disease.

These calendars are a superb tool for educating those who are unfamiliar with or doubt the scientific facts about the reality of Morgellons disease.  A picture is worth a thousand words and we're providing 27 pictures, enough for a great conversation with supporting evidence in your hands.

There are a limited number of calendars available.  Last year's first edition was gone very quickly.  Some people are keeping them as collectors items. 

Presently, the calendar can be obtained as a "Perk" at our Indiegogo fundraiser, until Feb. 2, 2016.
Here's the link:

We will have them on our website CEHMDF Merchandise sometime the week of Jan 11, 2016.  FYI, any bundle offerings presently listed there as including the 2015 calendar, will now have the 2016 calendar instead.
Here's the link:

I hope you enjoy this video created about the new calendar!
  ... Sunny  :)

Empowering Through Research: 2016 CEHMDF Calendar featuring 27 HD microscopic images taken by the scientists during Morgellons research studies.

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Hello Everyone!

I hope that all of you can be tolerate of me while I learn the bells & whistles of Google+.  :)   I'm feeling my way around and a bit slow, but am continuing to make progress.  It's really kind of fun and exciting to see all the possibilities.  I truly want to make this page a source of support and credible scientific information for those dealing with Morgellons disease.  Always know that you can email me with suggestions or needs that you either want to see here or want to get a personal response.  Email me at OR

Yesterday, I put up on Facebook one (Jan2015) of the 12 images (HD) that were included in the 20t15 CEHMDF annual calendar.  These are all gone, but the 2016 calendar has just arrived with 27 HD images!  

I am going to put this image here and plan on putting one image up every month this year.  I will include the caption description of each image.  If anyone has questions about the image, I will do my best to answer.  I can also get input from the research scientist that took the photo if necessary.  All these photos were taken during the research studies of Morgellons disease.  Some are so beautiful that they look more like abstract art that should be matted, framed and displayed in a gallery.  

Last year, I was personally excited when I was able to see all the images inside the calendar.  It was particularly fun to show them to those non believing doctors.  Boy, did their eyes pop & jaws drop; utterly speechless!  Some of these doctors took time to review current research and  to reconsider this whole Morgellons situation including how they treated patients.   I guess it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words.  

Let me know your thoughts on this image from Jan 2015!

Sunny  :)

Jan 2015:  "Morgellons filament/fiber with special staining,  400X."

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The Charles E Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation is serious about it!

Please like and share our video. It will help bring awareness about the research and realities that thousands of people worldwide are dealing with. This can be stopped and The CEHMDF is committed to it.

Thank You! ...Sunny :)

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