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What are some helpful resources for learning Ruby on Rails? I know Python really well but I think I still need to start at a beginner's level for Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Thoughts and suggestions?

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Here's an eye-opener about time spent emailing. 

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Interesting thoughts on Guest Blogging by +AJ Kohn .

I do worry about the lifespan of guest blogging just because it is used and abused by so many SEO's.

You need to ask yourself, "Whose brand are you building?"

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آكل عسل مشاكس - Nice4share -

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G+ app update for Android is terrible. 

I've read that some people mow their lawn with golf shoes on so they penetrate the soil as they walk to help it absorb water better.. Interesting idea. .

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We have two treadmills in our office and we couldn't come up with this?

Shame. It's awesome.
Some tense moments for sure. via +Ryan Block

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Foods to eat post-workout. I will be keeping this in mind.
Sore from your workout?! Try these foods to help relieve muscle pain!

"The pencil and paper are still amazing technology if you ask me."

- Professor +Zachariah Alvey
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