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Cheyne Gallarde
Artist and Illustrator in Hawaii
Artist and Illustrator in Hawaii

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Vegas re-imagined.

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Tumblr interviewed me for their Storyboard blog, which is like front page news as far as I'm concerned. The site is run by editors.

Hope the photo brightened up your dashboards today!
Thank you +Kyle Chayka for the interview!

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A new cinematic photo series using "front projection", a classic Hollywood trick that predates green screen effects. Check it out!

#strobist   #lighting   #portrait   #tattoos   #asian   #japanese   #anime   #yakuza  

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I'm currently shooting a PIXAR photo series and I would like your input as to what movie I should do next? Check it out!

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I make mine specifically say "I'm in the shower". Cause I know you want to know that.

Who wants to try this "hangout" thing?

OMG Netflix has Code Monkeys!!!

I'll use Google+ more often when they come up with a mobile app for my iphone...

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