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I'm a guy. I do stuff.
I'm a guy. I do stuff.

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Well, not like that was annoying.

There will be a brief period of time where I'm approving new membership. It appears a small group has decided to "raid" the community. While I'm unsure why anybody would bother, apparently it's a good use of time for this whole "I MAKE THE MEMES" culture. I'll not get into how silly that is for somebody in my age group, but, it appears I get to spend the next while monitoring the group. Joy!

Please have anybody you want to get into the group "immediately" message me. I'll be around.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Anybody else that installed the Windows 10 Anniversary update having curious CSS issues in Chrome? Twitter HREF tags are background color, and a number of graphics are missing. At the moment, I am just dragging the mouse around to find things. :-) Made tweeting the debate... interesting.

Actually more curious if anybody solved it. Done some troubleshooting, and would roll back the update if I weren't playing with "Bash for Windows."

Unpinned the post from yesterday. Please be kind to each other. I am trying to find a way to get better notifications from when you tag me into posts (I get an email for each post to the group, but the spam filter often removes things before I can get to them, and there is no way to tell the difference between a normal post, and one I have been asked to look at). A quick look showed me that I missed a number of trolls/spammers. My apologies. Still thinking about additional moderation, guys and gals.

Please, do not go out of your way to antagonize each other, or create negativity in the community. While my thread a few days ago was, I imagine, unseen and irrelevant for most of us, it brought up a few points that brought to my attention a number of posts in that vein.

If you have interpersonal drama or a strong dislike for other individuals in the community, please either keep it to another place (message each other privately), or ideally, apply yourself to something constructive.
This post will be pinned, briefly, before I let it fall away. Note that I have nobody in mind while writing this. I would speak privately with somebody this applied to, if it were necessary, instead of calling them out in front of the community. Just a friendly reminder about something to keep in mind! :-)

It should not be necessary for posts to be made with comments disabled to prevent "fighting," and I would greatly appreciate if, from this point forward (I have asked for this before) using a "+" before my name to tag me into posts that require my attention. I will revisit both the light moderation policy I have let this group thrive on for years, and the addition of moderators, if this is truly reflective of a problem that makes the community an uncomfortable or negative place for players.

(I will not ban somebody for calling somebody a noob, as the post below suggests, but I will react with a heavy hand, at this point, if I find it is something that is happening consistently, in a way to degrade the community, or individuals in it.)

Post I am referring to:

You guys, and gals, are absolutely amazing. I still rummage around and approve posts that the system decided to flag (what I am doing right now), but it has been a very long time since I have needed to remove a person, or set of posts (I'm a few pages into the content while writing this, with nothing to do).

I have said it before, and surely will want to again, but, you're all awesome! :-)

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First try, earlier today. The wiki put it at far fewer hours (this is the time if you haven't upgraded your breeding/nursery structures). Anyway, good luck everybody!
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So, lock screen ads in Windows 10... Install Mint 17.3 into a VMWare Workstation 12.0 machine to test for hardware. Boots well, software update, reboot, kernel panic.

What the actual fuck?!

By all indications, Linux is more stable than it ever has been before, but I can reproduce this in current distributions of Debian, Kali, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, SteamOS, etc. into Workstation, VirtualBox, and directly on hardware.

I am always happy to read commentary of children that have successfully put Linux on their toaster in the three years they've been using computers and want to babble about user error, but am I really two decades of edge cases? They are unmodified systems!

I would guess the early Bulldozer CPU for this one. Way to optimize for virtual machines, me. Eight cores of failure.

Message and Moderation Queue Cleared

Been a few, since I am taking a break from mobile games to do some design nonsense (Unity) and play a few games in my PC backlog (~800 games on Steam [Layers of Fear, currently]).

Those of you that spend a lot of time here are quick to point out repost/group shares, and I appreciate your attempts to get newer members to understand that this group should not be home to what would be only spam and trolling, if it kept going unchecked. If you are curious why I delete and discourage them, take a look around at other communities on Google+ to get an idea of how easily they can get overwhelmed by such posts and become useless for their community.

I cleared the ones where people said "no," to your warnings about "inappropriate" or off-topic content. Hopefully you were able to get some to acquiesce, and I just did not have to see those!

Additionally, I cleared a single post about another game (that I play), and I debated leaving it alone. I only did clear it because it was a video about a currency "glitch," and I want avoid encouraging seeking out ways to "cheat" in mobile games. There are valid ways to do it (my current work area is "security research,") but 99.9% of the videos and articles about it lead to either surveys or malware, and I do not want any of you to be a victim there.

Graphical glitches are fine, and amusing. My Kindle still only plays My Singing Monsters on 20% of my screen! Keep in mind, as far as our games go, that our data is stored on BBB's servers, and any exploits you find, even if they appear valid, will not modify that data. It is not worth running untrusted programs on your devices! They do not work, at best. At worst, they are malware that the person is using to make money from anybody that wants an easy fix.

I would make a tag for all of you for off-topic posts, because I do not mind discussion about other things, exactly, but I am afraid it would just become a place for exactly the type of posts I do end up removing from the group (spam, chain letters, "exploits"). My apologies to the author of the one post I removed that fit into a grey area. Please do not be discouraged from engaging with the community! I hated removing that post, as it was clear you intended no ill will.

All of that aside, you all have made some absolutely beautiful, creative, and amazing content. I am extraordinarily happy that you are able to use this place to share with a community of players that can appreciate it, and make friends in the process. Thank you for being here!

How do you feel about an "Introduce Yourself" topic? I am not sure I will not create a poll about it, but if anybody makes it to the bottom of this ridiculously long post, I am curious if that seems like something interesting. :-)
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