A little Aperture Vault tip that'll make your day
Aperture Vault’s File Extension Secret

If you’re not already familiar with Aperture Vaults, they are Aperture’s own built-in backup system. In brief, it’s a one-click backup for your entire library structure, metadata, previews, originals… everything if you’re running a Managed library, and if you’re running a Referenced library, then it’s everything except the Originals.

For more on how Vaults work, read this article: Aperture 3 Vaults; What’s Backed Up, and What Isn’t?

The process of restoring a vault is tedious. First of all, it’s not selective. It’s an all-or-nothing affair. So if you accidentally trashed a project but you know it’s in a Vault, you can’t just recover that one project.

or can you…

Plus, restoring from a Vault takes a long time if you have a big library. This is no quick recovery.

or is there…

The secret
There’s a little known secret about the Vault that I think is gonna knock your socks off.
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