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Sales and marketing skills boosts to enhance revenue
Sales and marketing skills boosts to enhance revenue

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How can #ebay justify charging 10% final value fee PLUS insertion fees? AND they charge on the Paypal transaction. Costs of a monopoly.

Post has attachment Getting fed up with Shelter: thought they did good work for homeless people. Instead, they just bash ALL landlords.

Now have season ticket for #cpfc for coming season. Been a long time coming! Homesdale Upper R 12, 153. Might have to get a tattoo of that.

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Welsh Assembly Government pushing scheme to register all landlords. Need to pay hundreds to join (it will be legal obligation), attend pointless training course and it won't improve standards - rogues won't pay, mugs like me will. Clearly simply a job-creation exercise and cynical redistribution of wealth. Shameful.

Just been followed by @BlackaddersLLP. Thanks guys. But now I have that theme tune as a #earworm "... a very nasty man..."

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Lanfranc Tough Young Teachers poll in Advertiser Amusing the number who believe head was naive.

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Any past or present users of Gsyncit want to share stories of syncing Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks?

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@AvivaUK will donate £1 per retweet to @RailwayChildren up to £100k.
#RT #take5 => Believe this is genuine T&Cs

Thanks to Bob Stechman for sorting my MUFC and Soton tix #cpfc :-)

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This site says there is no alternative word for 'specificity'. Surely there is?
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