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Management; Beratung; Luftverkehr; international; Aviation
Management; Beratung; Luftverkehr; international; Aviation

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Here you can have a look at our Partner Marc Landgraf durings his presentation "Onboard Experience 2020" during this weeks PACEdays 2016 in Berlin, Germany.
Together with Consultant Andreas Scheibach he welcomed visitors at our exhibition stand on both days of the event.

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Working in-house: services and solutions for our key client Lufthansa

Over the past nine months of this year, Lufthansa Consulting (LCG) has once again conducted several exciting projects for its parent company Lufthansa and the Group companies. Specifically, LCG was engaged in work for Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Eurowings, Germanwings, Miles & More, LSG Sky Chefs and Lufthansa Technik, Lufthansa Global Business Services, as well as for Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services, and throughout demonstrated its high level of consultancy and aviation expertise.

Our experts at Lufthansa Consulting provided support in a range of specialist areas.
One example is the carve-out of Miles & More, which will enable the company to grow its loyalty business beyond the Lufthansa Group, and explore new revenue sources and business opportunities.

In order to optimize the customer experience, Lufthansa Consulting focuses on identifying and implementing measures to improve self-service options. The aim is not only to enhance the customer’s perception of service quality at various touchpoints but also to reduce costs and standardize processes.

Satisfying customer demand for streamed entertainment and Wi-Fi connectivity even during long- and short-haul flights, is the objective of an ongoing project for Lufthansa and Eurowings.

Other focus areas included the provision of ongoing assistance in the implementation processes resulting from SCORE, the extensive Group-wide earnings improvement program, and as already known, Lufthansa Consulting assumed responsibility for Lufthansa Aerial Services (LAS), a new area of business for Lufthansa. This project segment involves the commercial operation of drones for the aerial inspection, surveying and monitoring of infrastructure facilities, as well as the management of the associated data.

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Lufthansa Aerial Services enters into a partnership with the Nordex Group

Lufthansa Aerial Services (LAS) and the Nordex Group have formed a strategic partnership to jointly develop applications for the use of drones in the inspection of wind turbines. Using state-of-the-art technology, the project will bring benefits for Nordex customers in terms of efficiency, quality, safety and innovation. 

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The main priority following any crisis is to establish safety and the necessities for everyday life for the population. In order to speed up the economic development of any country, especially after a long conflict, the following areas need to be addressed: energy, water and transportation availability. “Lufthansa Consulting can play a major role in the transportation dimension by helping define, plan and implement policies and sound investments for multi-modal airport infrastructures and viable, safe airlines and civil aviation” said Dr. Andreas Jahnke, Managing Director of Lufthansa Consulting:

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“Most airports in Africa require major investments to improve not only the infrastructure but also the services the passengers expect in order to contribute to the economic growth of the continent” stated Bruno Boucher, Lufthansa Consulting’s Associate Partner for Central, West and North Africa, in a recent decision maker meeting:

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It is time to celebrate 40 years of experience and success!

In 1976, Lufthansa Consulting was established as a department of Deutsche Lufthansa AG in Cologne and since then, brought its aviation expertise to perfection. In 1988, LCG was set up as an independent subsidiary and started to strengthen its regional focus and services for the Lufthansa Group. In 2014, the company moved its headquarters to the Frankfurt Airport Center and founded Lufthansa Consulting Ltda. in the same year.
For a closer insight, read the full article about LCG’s main steps in its four decades of existence:

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They are ready for the Olympic Games at RIOgaleão International Airport

Lufthansa Consulting and Munich Airport supported the Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) project of the 2nd largest airport in Rio de Janeiro. The experienced team ensured that the new Pier Sul passenger terminal, and the rehabilitated Terminal 2 are up and running on the opening day and beyond.
(Source: RIOgaleão Tom Jobim International Airport)

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South American Exhibition for Logistics, Cargo Transport and International Trade

The 22nd Intermodal South America takes place from 5-7 April 2016 and is one of the most important exhibitions for logistics, cargo transport and international trade in Central and South America. As the largest country in area and population in Latin America and the Caribbean, Brazil is the perfect location for this event. Its continuous internal growth demands investments in areas such as urban and social development and transport infrastructure. Government sponsored initiatives have been launched to increase investments in infrastructure and tax incentives have been introduced to enable faster and more robust economic growth.

Liége Emmerz, Partner responsible for the market South America and Christian Meyer, Managing Consultant represent Lufthansa Consulting at a joint exhibition stand with Lufthansa Cargo in São Paulo.


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The outlook for aviation in South America

Although Bolivia’s GDP has increased markedly in recent years following the nationalization of the country’s hydrocarbon sector, growth in this capital-intensive industry has not led to significant job creation. However, income generated from international tourism could complement the energy market. The Lufthansa Consulting market study shows that there is definitely potential to expand the Bolivian tourism sector. In 2014, 1.4 million passengers travelled from Bolivia to destinations within and outside the South American continent. The demand for flights, particularly from Asian countries, is growing exponentially. Each year, 300,000 visitors from countries such as China, Japan and South Korea travel to Bolivia.

The Lufthansa Consulting study predicts that the creation of an aviation hub in Bolivia will boost tourist numbers substantially. A positive side effect would be the generation of new jobs in the country. Furthermore, a new Bolivian trans-Pacific airline would mean that 80 percent of the amount that Bolivian travelers currently spend on international flights would flow into Bolivia’s economy rather than strengthening other South American economies.

Due to its geographical position in the center of the South American continent, Bolivia is predestined to grow in importance as an international trade distributor and open new commercial paths by founding a trans-Pacific airline.

Liége Emmerz, Lufthansa Consulting’s Partner responsible for the South American market, and Managing Consultant Maciej Mazurowicz recently presented the results of their study and the potential for the country’s aviation sector to the Bolivian public authorities in Santa Cruz. As was to be expected, the market study has attracted strong media attention in Bolivia. One of the country’s most important business journals, Cash, recently published a detailed article about Bolivia’s opportunities in the aviation business.


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Process orientation enhances efficiency and profit

“The big drop has given airlines more financial firepower”, Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs recently said. How true – and precisely because airlines currently have a cost-friendly environment with the lowest fuel prices for more than a decade, they would be well advised to take advantage of this fact to continuously work on improving their efficiency. It is well-known that aviation companies are under constant pressure to achieve and ensure sustainable profits.

Now is the best time to prepare for the future, by securing profit margins or initiating restructuring measures. Liquidity is at a healthy level and cash flows present the opportunity to finance necessary investments.

Long-term profitability means overcoming inefficiencies often found in and between areas within a company that has grown over the years. Efficient processes are the basics for a lean structure and prerequisites to reducing costs in all areas of the organization.

Supporting clients in achieving this goal, Lufthansa Consulting offers a comprehensive holistic approach to introduce process orientation in organizations: the basic idea is to focus on value-adding activities as well integrated processing and handling. The involvement of the client’s own experts in co-operation with specialists from Lufthansa Consulting ensures state-of-the-art and realistic process re-design, thus leading to smooth implementation and tangible results at the venture itself.

Lufthansa Consulting has successfully applied this approach in many aviation companies around the world, aiming towards increased competitiveness.

If you would like to discuss how Lufthansa Consulting can help your business, please contact our experts.

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