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The Moments that's taught me Lifelong Lessons
By Nabeel Marzook, Even though I
was not directly affected by the 30 years of brutal war, I was deeply disturbed
by the young lives lost, the destruction and the ethnic division and also it
was very disappointing to see some extremist groups sowing the seed...

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Until We Meet Again
By Mohamed Inshaf, I always wanted to be part of a
social service organization. Honestly, I had a hard time figuring out where to
start. Nevertheless, I found a golden opportunity to be a part of Future Leaders
Conference 2015 organized by Sri Lanka Unites....

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My Experience with SHOW You Care
I work on the table I have claimed in my office, I feel the cool breeze from
the fan up above and the gentle wind from the recent rain shower. My steaming
cup of Dilmah tea soothes and refreshes me as I work on my projects. The SHOW
You Care event is thi...

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One of the Best Experiences of My Life
By Dilan Herath, In July of 2014, I ventured to Sri Lanka from
the U.S for a global health seminar. It covered topics ranging from tropical
diseases to social and political reforms. When this ended and I was preparing
to laze around Kandy and Colombo, a cou...

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By ~ Melanie Wathugala Some of you may know that I’ve been working in Sri Lanka for the past few months. Some of you may also know that there was a 30 year war in Sri Lanka that only officially ended in 2009. Growing up in America, I honestly didn’t know mu...

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Sri Lanka Unites Responds to Important Questions
First and foremost
we want to thank Mr. Dinidu De Alwis for taking the time to engage us in
a conversation. In the past we have been dismayed at how our nation is
plagued by a tendency among people to make judgements about each others
efforts and discre...

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Triumph of Friendships Over Ethnic Divisions
Hasith Sanjaya from Kegalle He is Tamil and hails from Jaffna in North; and he is a
Kegalle lad from the town nestled between the central highlands and western
southern plains and Sinhalese to the core. His uncle was allegedly shot by the
Sinhalese Army; an...

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Five Years of Building Hope and Reconciliation
“Those who have lost their near and dear ones during the three
decades of the long war please step forward to the line.” As the question was
asked, everyone present in the hall took a step forward and stood facing each
other. They belonged to all the commun...

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Conflict Diaries from Colombo
Conflict has been often seen from the perspective of the
parties involved. But sometimes even those not in conflict zone bear the brunt
of it. When the Pearl Island has been seething from the nearly
three decades long war, the national capital Colombo was a...
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