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I ran a session of Against the Atomic Overlord set in a post-apocalyptic, Crawling Under a Broken Moon world. And now (minor spoiler ahead) .
the party doesn't have a wizard at a part that could really use a spellcaster. I get to re-use a Wizard from a con-game to be the leader of a gang of biker wizards. Good ol' Cyrus the biker Wizard. Now I've got a hex crawl to run next session while they track down the gang... Thanks +Reid San Filippo for running the con-game in question! Maybe I'll start with the Dinotastic Park hexes?

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Possibly the worst 0-level ever rolled... I feel bad for the poor schmuck who gets this sheet. -4 to attacks?! I may have to give this person something to compensate. Any suggestions?

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So I decided to run a Hypercube of Myt tournament for Free RPG Day this year. If you're in the Seattle area and don't have plans, swing on by!

I finally got around to running Intrigue at the Court of Chaos!  Potential spoilers ahead, so continue at your own risk.

First, this was a great module, and worked better than I expected over Roll20.  Second, this was 2/2 Michael Curtis modules that I've played ending in a TPK (the other was in a playtest of The Third Phantasmagoria).

- Yolo Swaggins and Smallwick Fuzzypouch sacrificed their lives to the tentacle monster in the Trial of Sacrifice.
- Wanky Spankabillion was devoured by a Law Lion.
- Lil' Johnson was speared by his doppleganger in the Chamber of the Egg.
- Dongle McGiblets was stabbed in the back by Winky Tinklebottom to gain the Yokeless Egg for himself.
- Winky Tinklebottom was crushed by the enraged ape-man mount of Dongle McGiblets after his death.

- The Host of Chaos gained possession of the Yokeless Egg without needing to furnish any rewards whatsoever, and the sole survivor of the endeavor was the ape-man.

- Played as a continuation of the all-Halfling funnel I ran using Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess.
- Standing on the teleporter in that module brought the party before the Court of Chaos, where they were presented with their quest.
- They didn't require much convincing, as they were a mostly chaotic bunch.
I PM'ed each player with the image they received in their dream, along with the bargain offered.

+James MacGeorge What's the font used in Black Sun Deathcrawl?

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I decided that the default adventure in the Black Sun Deathcrawl, while awesome, just wasn't grim enough for Halloween. So I'm creating a new one for my weekend game using the Predator Saint from Fire on the Velvet Horizon.  Am I too cruel?

I wrote up a Halfling Beastmaster for a hexcrawl through the new AS&SH adventure, Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess I'm running this weekend.  You could easily choose to drop the Halfling part of it if you wanted, but my group wanted an "all halfling" adventure!

Halfling Beastmaster:

You may not be large, but you make up for this by utilizing your beasts of burden to your advantage. You are experienced in the ways of animal handling, and can tame wild beasts with your personality alone. And while you do not possess the talent for two-weapon fighting of your more mundane peers, you make up for it in other ways.

Hit Points: Halfling Beastmasters gain 1d6 hit points at each level

Weapon Training: As halfling

Alignment: Usually lawful, sometimes neutral, rarely chaotic

Tame Animal: You my attempt to tame animals whose hit dice are equal to or lower than your Beastmaster Level (BL). Additionally, the sum of your animals hit dice must not exceed your BL. Taming a wild animal takes 1d3 hours per HD, and requires making an opposed will check + personality mod + BL. On success, the animal is tamed, and can be commanded to do the beastmaster's bidding (unless it would directly harm the creature). The degree to which a creature can obey depends on its intelligence and the discretion of the judge.

If a tamed creature is abandoned, it will become feral in HDd4 days.

Creature Riding: A beastmaster may ride tamed creatures of medium size or larger, applying mounted combat rules from page 87 of the core rulebook, with one exception: beastmasters do not receive the +1 AC bonus unless their mount is at least one size larger than the opponent.

Shared Initiative: One initiative check is rolled for a beastmaster's entourage, using the lowest of the beastmaster and all his beasts.

Infravision: 30'

Slow: 20' movement

Lucky Charm: As halfling

Languages: The bonus language for a halfling beastmaster should be chosen from among: Griffon, Naga, Bear, Eagle, Ferret, Horse, Wolf or Spider

Action Dice: The action dice of beastmaster may be used for attacks or skills.

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Found this at the local beer store today.  I'll let you know how it tastes. +Adam Muszkiewicz +Donn Stroud 
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Question:  Are there any DCC mass-combat rules?  Due to having completed Into the Demon Idol, and other random events leading to trebuchets, my group is planning an all-out siege on the Castle of the Mad Archmage.  ACKS maybe?

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So I ticked off an item on my resolutions list and wrote an adventure!  First playtest went well last week, and I'm hoping to run a session at GaryCon.  Maybe Thursday?
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