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A new post from the heart of food - review of Eric's BBQ. Good, inexpensive food from a place that went against my initial expectations.
A review of Eric's BBQ, a restaurant at first glance looks like it'd be a bad dining experience turns out to be a good, hearty inexpensive meal as well as a lesson in how first impressions aren't a...
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Cayenne & sage roasted chicken and rosemary smashed roasted potatoes with lemon & sea salt.

Shot in the shade at f/8. Opted for a black baking tray instead of light grey concrete as a backdrop for the sizzling hot cast iron pan as it looked better. Lemon included in the shot to give some indication of flavour of the dish as well as a point of interest to break up an otherwise sea of brown.
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Delicious cheese burger and buffalo cauliflower balls in the background with blue cheese and celery.

Shot in a beer garden with diffused sunlight on an overcast day. Top bun of the cheese burger was repositioned to reveal more detail of the meat patty, pickles and show off the melted cheese. 
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Simon Park

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Looking forward to Vivid Sydney which starts next Friday and runs from May 23 to June 8.

Keen to check out all the amazing art pieces and take more photos like these from previous years.

Full details of this year's festival are up on their site at
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Simon Park

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This is a photo of Australian celebrity chef Emmanuel Mollois whipping up some pâte à choux for profiteroles & eclairs during a French pastry Masterclass in Perth.

It was shot with a DSLR at f/5.6 & 1/15 shutter to emphasise the vigorous whipping motion. Given the really slow shutter speed, had to focus on being as stable as possible while holding my breath on an exhale. Also shot multiple frames in continuous mode to improve odds of a sharp enough shot, to account for not just my moment but the chef's as well, as well as have options to pick the most interesting blurred hand image.

I've included it here as I've not really seen any non-still-life-style food photography here. As with the following article on Your Kitchen Camera (, I'm very much of the idea that food photography is more than just still life of food. Check out any professional or food blogger worth their salt that covers restaurants & food events and I'd be very surprised if all they shot were only plates of food.

So, the discussion part - is this:
a) what you would consider to be food photography?
b) something that would be considered acceptable to post in this community?
c) something you'd like to see more of (not just from me)?
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+Viki Gonia +Valerija Markulin +Daniela D. Thanks for the feedback :)
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Simon Park

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Wheat germ crusted, pan fried snapper. Shot for a friend at their lunch event promoting Egyptian food unlike what most people are use to.

Shot with 5D Mk II 24-70mm f/2.8L @ f/8 with backlit window light. Processed via Lightroom.
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+Vera Zečević Thanks, though that was mostly the work of the chef. I just took the photo.
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Simon Park

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How would you deal with the issue of shooting food that isn't pretty?

Take for instance a dosa masala, an Southern Indian/Sri Lankan dish which is a thin pancake folded over some filling (curried potato in this case) served on a stainless steel tray with a variety chutneys and sauces.

My way of dealing with it was to take the focus somewhat away for the food (as none of it was pretty or interesting) and instead focused on the way it was eaten. The point of interest for me was giving some insight on the traditional way Indians and Sri Lankans eat by hand, though the image also shows all they various elements to the dish to give you some idea of how it might taste and it's various textures.

How would you approach taking a photo of a similar dish? Do you think this works?
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well done....i like presentation.
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Simon Park

Gear & Setup  - 
A little something to illustrate that you don't have to buy fancy equipment to get a photo. The ability to create an image in less than ideal circumstances with limited equipment is an underrated skill. Often all you need is some diffused light and a clean surface, even if that surface is the side of a computer case.

While I use a diffuser in the photo (under $40) a white bed sheet would do a similar job.
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+Alex C. That would be one way to deal with it but there are many ways of doing so e.g. reposition the light and the food so that the shadows are effectively hidden behind away from the view of the lens, soften the light further by increase the apparent size of the light source by bringing the diffuser closer, add some reflectors etc.

It kind of feeds into my point which is that you don't necessarily have to buy your way around a problem. A little ingenuity and being clever with the resources that you have on hand can go a long way :)
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Simon Park

Cocktails and Drinks  - 
Barman pouring a Margarita cocktail at La Lupita at The Basement in Sydney.

Shot using available light in the bar (hence the less than ideal lighting). Shot at f/2.8 1/80th at ISO5000. Heavily processed with Lightroom to minimise glare, particularly of the liquid off the bar and open up the shadows on the barman's face. Several rounds of shots were taken to get a mix of the right sort of gesture from barman, nice pour of the cocktail nearing full capacity while minimising background distractions.
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I believe tht he does. But I still need a drink lol
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Balls of za'atar butter with a za'atar centre & toasted sesame crust.

Shot at lunch event as is. Framed wide enough to give a little context but tight enough to minimise distracting elements. Backlit with natural window light and shot at f/4. Processed with Lightroom.
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Korean chilled noodle dish called naeng myun, with chewy buckwheat noodles, slices of beef, cucumber, nashi pear, picked daikon radish and egg in a refreshing beef-based broth.

Shot with window light coming from camera left. Edited via Phototoaster.
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+Simon Park LOL~~~

Aaahhh ok thanks for the explaination (^_^)
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Simon Park

Cocktails and Drinks  - 
Glass of refreshing cold drip coffee.

Shot in the cafe with window light coming from top-right of frame. 5D Mk II 24-70mm f/2.8L @ f/8. Processed with Phototoaster.
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Good morning!
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