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I think I now understand why YouTube Music exists as an app. Or rather for whom it exists.

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Never a dull moment in our garden.... this is one of last nights adventures!

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Our wisteria this year has been absolutely stunning! Smells amazing, and is full of flowers..... have finally got the pruning worked out : )

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Beautiful and deadly.... Sparrowhawk in the garden - just ate a sparrow for breakfast!

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Hedgehog Bramble & The Big Freedom;

The Hedgehog smells the shape of the wind and he laughs,
He listens to the stirring of the earth with bated breath and he gasps,
He dips nose into the dusk of the setting suns rays,
With a heart full of mirth in the twilight he plays..

Nightime is coming, hedgehog stretches and yawns,
A soul full of gladness as he scurries and scrawns -
He opens his throat to sing a happy hedgehog song,
Full of mystery and moonlight - here is where he belongs.

The hedgehog is free as he ever should be,
About his business unknown to most folk like you and me.
Betwixt hither and tyhither he may be found,
If you are careful and cautious and do not make a sound.

Hedgehog is a friend that you mayhap will meet,
If ever you do please be kind and be sweet,
For his temper is gentle as at wonders he's guessing,
From old England he comes with many a blessing.

c.Titus.L 2016

Having been found near Lake Windemere in the Lake District and too small to survive the winter outside, Hedgehog Bramble was taken to the Animal Rescue Center in Kendal where he has overwintered and put on necessary weight.
Now that spring has come and he has grown, Bramble came into our care for 'soft - release' back into the wilds.
More details here ( )

If you find a hedgehog in need or other animal in distress please contact the RSPCA tel 0300 123 4999
You can find information on domestic and wild animals as well as advice about general pet care, animal welfare law, animal rehoming and vet care. You can also find details of local vets, council and police for non-emergency situations.

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'The Cat Came Back'
If you are a hedgehog Guardian, friend or feeder you will know all about this probelm.We have had frequent visiting Cats who have endeavoured with great determination to gain an entry into Hedgehog Noah's eating hall and devour his supper of hedgehog semi moist biscuits mixed with catfood (chicken) and meal worms... We tried bamboo sticks in the doorway, but had to be careful not wanting to block Noah - the cat was initially stumped, but after a few reconaissance missions it figured out a way to get past our defences - by contorting itself it slid through.
We now use a RSPB approved sonic cat deterant see here ( ), which does no creature any harm and seems to have suceeded in repelling lovely but unwelcome cats from the hedgehogs dinner. 

Hedgehogs are a protected species in the Uk but we've lost a third of all our hedgehogs in the last ten years. There is a Petition to give the hedgehog better legal protection to reverse its decline. Please sign the petition  (

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Noah the Cumbrian Hedgehog feasting in the night....

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Noah the Cumbrian Hedgehog feasting in the night....

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stunning video of Cumbrian Hedgehog Noah... awesome soundtrack!
Hedgehogs are a protected species in the Uk but sadly in decline. There is a Petition to give the hedgehog better legal protection to reverse its decline. Please sign the petition ( )

Hedgehogs are found in most parts of Britain, apart from very wet areas and extensive pine forests. They are also often scarce in upland areas such as moorlands and mountainsides. Hedgehogs are predominantly a woodland edge species and can thrive in the mosaic of hedges, fields and woodlands that charaterise the British countryside.

Hedgehog Noah is the Survivor of Storm Desmond and the Dec 2015 Cumbrian Floods. You can read more about Hedgehogs at my blog as well as about how Hedgehog Noah came to live with us in my poem 'The Epic of Hedgehog Noah & the Great Flood'
( )

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Cumbria Welcome It has been such a lovely move up to the beautiful Lake District. I was born here in Cumbria, and so return to my roots. I have missed the mountains! From my studio window I can look out over to the distant hills. Stepping through the back g...
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