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An introduction to video editing in Openshot 2.0

Openshot is one of the most important and widely-used open source software tools out there. Being very simple to use, powerful enough, and free of charge, this video editor has managed to build a large community of enthusiastic users around it who waited for the release of the second major version of their favorite software with anticipation for years. Now that the release was made available, it is time for us to take a look at the most highlighted new features and capabilities, and to see how we can utilize and incorporate them into our video editing endeavors.


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Things To Do After Install MAC OS X

After install yosemite we need a lots of tools, such as 

1. Google Chrome
2. Atom
3. VLC
4. Vagrant
5. Caffeine
6. ZSH/Oh-My-ZSH
7. Nmap
8. dnsmap
9. Nikto

In this article help us to install all above tools with simple commands.


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