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Green is not just a skin Colour.
Green is not just a skin Colour.

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You know you've been away for a while when you notice that G+ has changed, quite a lot. Yet another thing to add to my very busy to-do list... curate my G+ feed!

Having returned to G+ for a shufti (that's "have a look around"), I'm quietly confused, but also pleasantly surprised. There's still more work to do here, especially as Google shifts the emphasis of the platform, but I think that it's at least going in the right direction. While I can see why they have removed the connection with hangouts from the new G+ page, I'm not sure that it's at all a good thing. 

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SI've not fogotten about G+. In fact, I'm more of a lurker here than I am a contributor.

I do, however, contribute. I've been working on a digital publishing project.

Here, for free, on Google Play, is the Midwinter Anthology 2014.

Enjoy, share and rate!

#MidwinterAnthology #shortstories   #anthology  

So, the new jobis going well, which has meant actually quite a lot of time on social media; the problem is it's also meant needing to create a whole new identity, as I get a handle on what it's like to live in a digitially-connected world. This has mant that much of my work and posts have gone there.

HOWEVER: I do plan to make a concerted effort to keep all things updated over the next few months.... lets see how that goes!

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The Missing Monkey, with yours truly. Listen, enjoy, and laugh at the things I don't know!

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This is my first Midwinter Anthology. It's a collection of short stories and poems, and it's COMPLETELY FREE. It's from a collection of authors.

Please check it out, read it, enjoy it, and if you can, rate it!


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This is an amazing comic. And in English (despite the french) Check it out!

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So, I've started this little blog called found it. It's a blog about the unknown musicians on you-tube that people might enjoy. I trawl through it, so you don't have too.

This week is Passenger, a British Folk Artist, who's lyrics and voice are powerful and moving.

Check him out, and while your at it, check out the rest of the blog as well!

#passenge #youtub #foundit  

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This is amazing. Mars, not as alien as you'd think.
This stunning scene was captured by the cameras on +NASA's Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity. Find out why this landscape has been named Pillinger Point by the rover's science team

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