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Could Age Discrimination Kill Your Job Search. 5 Tips To Beat Age Bias. Reserve Your Spot. Posted by Interns Over 40 on  Monday, March 16, 2015

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Meet the 91-Year-Old Who Is Finally Living Her Dream as a Tech Designer in Silicon Valley
"Beskind, who says she fantasized about being an inventor ever since
she was a young girl growing up during the Great Depression, is now
living her dream. Two years ago, Beskind joined IDEO -- a design firm
perhaps best known for developing the first mou...

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FIve (5) Jobs With The Most Future Potential
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
analyzed occupational data and came up with a list of jobs that will see
the most growth in the decade ending 2022.  Health care-related
fields are promising as baby boomers age, retire and increasingly need
help at h...

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First Female Taxi Driver Encourages Females to Drive
Sara Bahayi is Afghanistan’s first female taxi driver in recent memory, and she is believed to be the only one actively working in the country. She’s 38. She’s unmarried. She’s outspoken. In this highly patriarchal society, where women are considered second...

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January 21st 2015 1PM EST/10AM PST- 5 Simple Tips To Beat Age Discrimination In Your Job Search! [Live Question and Answer]
Learn: Over Come The 5 Biggest Biases Against Older Job Seekers  Write Your Strongest Resume Ever To Eliminate Age Related Problems  Many other tips Register Today!

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San Diego's Camp land by the bay August 8,2014

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Tried to get on webinar today for 15 minutes. Never loaded. No technical problems here. As I run dozens of webinars myself. Very frustrating. Please send a working link. Thanks.

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A must simple tool with great results.

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Have you prepared for Tricky Job Interview Answers?
As an older skilled worker are you prepared to effectively answer these interview questions? Why did you leave your last job? Have you ever been fired or forced to resign? Why have you had so many jobs in such a short period of time? Can you explain this ga...
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