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So look up from your phone
shut down the display
take in your surroundings
make the most of today

Just one real connection
it's all it can take
to show you the difference
what being there can bring

Be there in the moment
as she gives you the look
that you'll remember forever
as when lover retook

The time you first hold your hand or first kissed your lips
the time you first disagree but still love her to bits

The time you don't have to tell hundreds
of what you have just done
because you want to share this moment
with just this one

The time you sell your computer
so you can buy a ring
for the girl of your dreams
who is now the real thing
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A zase jednou jsem napsal článek, tentokrát (nejen) o Android aplikaci pro posílání SMS zdarma, která mě potěšila hlavně skvělou funkčností i na nejnovějším Androidu 4.4.2 KitKat.
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Tak jsem svůj web převedl z velké části do HTML5 a zrovna o tom napsal krátký článek :)
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