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The Power of the Novice (and learning along with them!)
My last post took us into our new Chinese adventure, and bedtime tonight provides yet another story down this path. As I mentioned, Kaya just started learning Chinese at school (and will learn through 4th grade), with two 50 minute sessions per week. The fo...

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Shoe, Schuh, or Shu? (OR...'On the road to Trilingual')
Lately - as in, the past 6 months and then some - it's been a lot easier for me to think about writing than it has been for me to sit down and do it. Not so much because I don't want to -because I still love the process so dearly- but because I've finally...

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Simplicity & Accountability by my 6 Yr Old
There are really so many other things I need to be catching up with this amazing online course that I'm taking, or finishing my new website. BUT...blogging feels a bit like an old security blanket, and when the post starts writing itself in my ...

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Little Lessons in Simplicity and Climate
This afternoon, as we were searching for our favorite photos of her 'through the ages', Kaya asked me why we chose her name. I started with the simple answer, the one she happened to know already: "Wir wollten einen K Namen finden, nach Nana." [ We wanted a...

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My Embodied Buddha-Mama
Tomorrow, my baby turns 6. Jan. 22, 2015 When I share that with some people in my life, they can't believe it's happened so quickly. For me, however, I couldn't have asked time to move in more perfect rhythm. I feel fortunate that I've been able to stay hom...

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Adding a Third Language at 5?
As I walked in the door this evening, I saw it on the floor. There was no mistaking it, with the return address from PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Enrollment and Transfer Center. We'd been waiting for weeks to hear if we'd make the lottery for the Dual Spanish I...

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When Eating, Wash a What?
Last year, I went to this really amazing retreat led by Chozen Bays, a Buddhist mindfulness teacher who is also an M.D. It had such an impact on my life at the time, changing not only the way that I ate, but more importantly, my entire relationship with foo...

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German is Here to Stay
If this weren't such a passion of mine, and perhaps more
importantly, if I hadn't finally been able to loosen up a good bit around this
whole topic, I would feel quite embarrassed at my pomp and circumstance from my   post the other day , only to be followe...

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Changing the Structure After 5 Years?!
It's been so long since I've written on this here lil' blog that I was surprised that my computer even remembered the address when I typed the first three letters. If it hadn't been for those of you vocal and committed readers, letting me know you're out th...

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Fairies and Gnomes Speaking in English
This morning, as I was rushing around the house trying to get us ready for our road-trip, Kaya starts telling me a story. Initially, it sounded pretty similar to much of what she'll say to me, full of passion and interest and a strong desire for me to conne...
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