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This has got be the craziest #CSS hack I've ever seen...

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Waiheke Island, NZ
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very good
A nice summary of Douglas Crockford's book "JavaScript: The Good Parts", by it's author at JAX conference it's worth listening some of his insights about the importance of code styling. #javascript   #jslint

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Finally reached an initial release with my manual neuroanatomical segmentation project.

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as someone who spends a lot of time thinking about how to best visualise brains... this is unspeakably cool!

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Google+ dominates poll despite stacked deck!

Lifehacker is running a poll, asking "What’s Your Social Network of Choice?"

But they give Facebook and Twitter an unfair advantage: At the bottom are "Like" buttons for Facebook and Twitter. They're giving a tool to virally promote the poll on two of the social networks, but not the others. As a result, Facebook and Twitter have WAY more votes than Linkedin, Pinterest, MySpace and Instagram.

But Google+ is dominating the poll anyway, with (at the time I write this) twice as many votes as Facebook.

That's not enough.

Since Lifehacker decided to favor Facebook and Twitter, let's send them some Google+ love in the form of MASSIVE votes for Google+:

1. Share this post with all your circles.

2. Go here and vote for your social network of choice:

(Props to +Jeff Schultz)

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So it turns out it's possible to turn any plant matter and some waste industrial heat into hydrogen by adding enzymes harvested from bacteria. Sometimes discoveries seem too good to be true. +Mark Bruce 

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after this excellent crash course I have a new favourite text editor, 150 minutes well spent. So long TextMate, it was fun.
Perfect workflow in Sublime Text 2...

Two hour tour de force to make you a sublime ninja! Too many awesome tips and tricks to list - if you're a Sublime user, this video is a must.
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