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Phil Armishaw
Wildlife, Landscape, Event & Sports Photographer
Wildlife, Landscape, Event & Sports Photographer

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Is it warm enough to RV in Canada on Easter weekend? It sure is! Come join us as we spend the weekend at Rondeau Provincial Park. This is also our first video in 4K. #Rondeau #OntarioParks 

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Check out our latest RVing video as we revisited Rondeau Provincial Park from September 2016. We timed this trip good as returning warblers put on a good show.

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For #TravelTuesday here is a video from last summer of Joanne and I when we went to Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area near Paris, Ontario. 

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Just an update for my #BirdPoker friends to let you know I finally got my first YouTube video posted. More scenery than birds but hopefully you enjoy it anyways... (but there is an American Woodcock peenting 15 feet from the camera)

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#NewBirdPoker #BirdPoker

This week's theme hosted by +Marilyn Benham is "Shots You Really Like"

It's been a while since I've posted here due to a crazy summer between work and RVing. Lots of video (which I haven't started to edit yet) and photos (which I just started editing tonight) to show for our travels.

This photo is one of many that I took last weekend at Rondeau Provincial Park during the fall migration. The Sanderlings wouldn't sit still very long but I got enough keepers to make me happy.

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Hello... A card for #NewBirdPoker   #BirdPoker  
A Male, Black & Yellow, Finch, Upside down, Feeding
#NewBirdPoker taking over from #BirdPoker  
Week 1 (27/03/16) Feeding Finch  created by +Phil Armishaw   for the week by +Dusty Gedge    
Please see below for the rules - 
The week will is multi-layered:
Any image that features at least one of the two leading themes Finch feeding and on the other attributes listed below is accepted.  of the above attributes is accepted. To add a bit of fun to it if there is an attributes within the picture  I have missed this will be accepted. 
This should give everyone a chance to play a few times during the week. I shall announce winner Saturday mid day GMT to give time for whoever to realise they are taking over. 
Please also check out Phil's last post introducing #NewBirdPoker

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Good day Friends...
#NewBirdPoker   with +Phil Armishaw 
#NewBirdPoker ...

Leading Themes.....
On A Branch Or On a Fence

Red or White on it somewhere 
Identical pair 
Tail down
Tufted (or a headdress)
Bokeh Background

Any image that features at least one of the two leading themes
 On a Branch or On A Fence and any of  the other attributes listed is accepted.  
This should give everyone a chance to play a few times during the week. I shall announce winner Saturday midday Eastern Time to give time for whoever to realise they are taking over. 

I got several of the cards.. On a branch, female, tufted, tail down.. & some bokeh...
Be sure to Tag me so I can came see your photos .......

#BirdPoker   #FemaleCardinal  

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#NewBirdPoker Feeding Finch created by +Phil Armishaw curated this week by +Dusty Gedge

I have yellow, black, male and feeding covered, but no bands in sight, and none upside down so I have to go for numbers.

14 American Goldfiches

#BirdPoker is changing to #NewBirdPoker

As of today the daily #BirdPoker game as you know it will be no more.

Starting Sunday #NewBirdPoker will be a weekly game with a winner declared on the following Saturday. That winner will then create a new theme for that week and pick a winner at the end of the week and so on. You can still post bird photos every day if you like, but the theme will remain the same for the whole week. The winner will be chosen from all the photos of the week.

+Dusty Gedge has volunteered to curate the first week and he will pick the winner on Saturday and be responsible for contacting that person to make sure they are available to take over the following week. That's it for rules and it should run smoothly. If not we can modify the game as needed.

Please reshare this post so everyone sees the new rules

This brings us to my future plans...

Bird photography has taken a backseat over the last three years as I got married to my loving wife, Joanne. We remodelled our home, built a back yard oasis, and designed the gardens and waterfall to attract birds. Renovations are almost done and I was looking for a new challenge to keep me busy, allow us to travel and do more bird photography again. I also became very intrigued with 4K video and travel vlogging on YouTube.

So Joanne and I bought a motorhome and our long term plans are to vlog our trips around North America as we visit the various birding hotspots and scenic destinations. Eventually we will venture to both coasts of Canada and also south into the United States. There are lots of RV travel vlogs on YouTube but none mention birding and very few mention Canada.

Our first trip is only a 3 hour drive, but it's to a very special place for birding in North America. The Point Pelee area on the north side of Lake Erie is mecca for spring bird migration. The point is like a zoo in May with birders and photographers lined up shoulder to shoulder at dawn waiting for the warblers to arrive. To avoid the throngs we are instead going to camp just east of there at Rondeau Provincial Park. It's quieter, almost as good for birding and a lot less congested than Pelee. From the campsite, we can ride our bicycles to the various marshes, boardwalks, and Carolinian forests that are right in the park. On the other hand Point Pelee is a day use only park so it would mean a 40 minute drive from our campsite to the park and then a shuttle bus ride out to the point for dawn and is not very appealing to us. Freedom to go birding in the morning, stop for lunch at our RV and then go birding again followed by a great sunset over the lake is what we are looking forward to at Rondeau.

I hope you join us on our YouTube channel... RVingandSeeing

Phil Armishaw

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#BirdPoker Long Tails curated by +Phil Armishaw

Friday's theme for #BirdPoker is birds with Long Tails. (replacing long beaks)

A Roseate Tern in Florida
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