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Rio de Janeiro Pt. 1
2/11 I woke up at 6am and said goodbye to Lorena.   Her uncle had to drive into Sao Paulo for
work so he offered to drop me off at the airport.   At the airport, they changed the gate on me
at the last minute so I was a little concerned I might miss my flig...
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The First Days in Brazil - Sao Paulo/Santos
Sincere apologies to my wonderful family for the tardiness of my blog posts.  Things have slowed down considerably since I arrived in Brazil over a month ago and slowly but surely I will upload memories from my travels so far.   1/3 Arrived in Sao Paulo at ...
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Hoi An
March 14 – Met CJ and Scott at Sunflower Hostel,
walked around the market, checked in to our rooms, napped, and headed into town for the Full
Moon Lantern Festival.  I thought I was
going to be in awe of all the lanterns lighting up the town, but I was a li...
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Nha Trang
March 11 – Our first full day in Nha Trang I went for a run in the morning down
along the beach, then headed to the beach with Sam, Flore, Jake, Corey and
Gabe.  Later in the day all of us went to
the mud bath (120,000 dong/$6) and then to Nha Hang Yen whic...
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Da Lat
March 7 – Arrived in Da Lat at 4am and thankfully Paradise Hostel let us get a few hours of rest in the dorms.   Nothing else exciting worth sharing during the day I don’t
think (the problem with procrastinating for two weeks about writing down
details of t...
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Ho Chi Minh
March 3 – Arrived in Ho Chi Minh where we were greeted by
Pia.  We dropped our things off at Khoi Hostel,
the three of us went to lunch at Mumtaz Indian Restaurant and then a visit to
the War Museum . 
On our way back we saw Simon and Joshe, two German guys...
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Koh Rong/Sihanoukville
February 23 – Going out for a late night of
drinking and dancing is probably never a good idea when you need to get on a
minibus at 7am.  Rushingly I threw all my
things into my bags and ran outside to catch our bus to Sihanoukville.  Got there around 12pm ...
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Phnom Penh
February 20 – Took a tuktuk in the morning to the
bus station and waited for our minibus headed to Phnom Penh . 
After a few hours, we arrived in Phnom
Penh where Gabe was waiting for us at the bus station
with a tuktuk to take us to our hostel called Top...
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Siem Reap
February 17 – In the morning Sam, Pia and Gabe
went to floating village, I slept and started another round of Cipro since I’d
been feeling poorly for a few days.  We
moved to Siem Reap Rooms ($10/night) so we could have our own air-conditioned
room in a qui...
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Luang Prabang
February 10 – Woke up and saw Robbie and James,
our English friends who’d arrived earlier the day before.  After breakfast we all piled into minivans
again where we were taken to the Lao boarder. 
Had a very frustrating and hilarious encounter with a group ...
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