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A Big Wet Smacker - a limerick
On his death bed he
uttered a wish, for his cheek to be met
with a kiss, but the nurse she was
deaf, so he went to his
death, being slapped in the
face with a fish.

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On Limericks
This verse form it
often is viewed, to be crass and common
and rude, often shunning romance, for the contents of
pants, and rarely enjoyed by a

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Lost Sparkle
It wouldn't have happened if Marjory hadn't left the Christmas party early. If Frank hadn't employed his wife in the same office as him and Gemma, it may have happened earlier. Marjory was no fool, she'd seen the way Frank looked at Gemma. She would have st...

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Revolving Brand - a limerick
Dressed up like he don't have no pension, yet he craves your cash and attention, with his random  attacks, on avoiders of tax, like a house  that he might fail to mention.

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All Over the Newspaper
Marjory grasped that day's paper, shaking with rage and frustration, 'Frank, you bloody idiot!' Her son, Peter, upset at the fate of his step dad, but ever pragmatic, reasoned with her, 'He must have known the risks.' 'Typical of him. Always a gambler. Onl...

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Robbed of a Talent
To drink he drove at steady speed, where lived and died his dad and mum. He got there soon and set up home, his down and fall had now begun. He made his house, his room, his bed, picked up a glass and put pen down. Chin up, gin down and down he fell, his he...

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Are you sitting comfortably?  Lucky you...

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A collection of flash fiction and short stories.

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Chapter One
Ever since Lucy and Emma had told them about their midnight feast, Harriet and William had been desperate to have their own. Apparently, on a sleep-over at Lucy's house, Emma and Lucy had sneaked a few delicious treats into Lucy's bedroom and secreted them ...

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Chapter Three
The next night
William and Harriet had decided to wait until Mum and Dad had both definitely
gone to bed before sneaking downstairs. 
They lay in their rooms, listening out for footsteps upstairs, the
sounds of teeth being brushed in the bathroom and the be...
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