Something I thought I'd never complain about. Apple care! Put a phone in to repair at my local apple shop in Leicester. Checked after a week still looked like it was in the shop without going to a repair centre. After several attempts at waiting to be answered told it had gone off for repair. Then repair status said product replacement pending. Phoned the shop who said it was in transit.

A week later still no phone. Phoned shop and asked automated service for repair check. Yet again no answer sat for 10 min nothing. Hung up and told automated service I want to buy an iPad low and behold phone picked up straight away. Said to to busy and put me through to a call centre.
Call centre had no information on where my phone is or its status guy waffling saying he would ring round departments to find it. After being put on hold for a further 15 min hung up. Then the status dates were changed on the update page to make it look like the phone had been received and dealt with on the 3rd oct which was a lie.
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