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Becky Jerdee
a designer dedicated to simplicty
a designer dedicated to simplicty

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Living Minimally
It's the last flight of our snowbird adventure. A cash offer on our Florida house makes it possible for us to simplify our lives and go home to just one familiar nest, one property tax, house insurance, and set of utility bills.       We're cutting our poss...

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Pax Vobiscum
We see snowy rooftops through the fog today but by tomorrow the rain will wash the white away. Wishing you and yours a peaceful weekend.

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Abbey Style Guest Bedroom
We assembled a guest room by moving our queen-size bed from our bedroom into the master suite and adding a few monkish bits and pieces. (Our Christmas gift to each other was a new split-king adjustable bed that now fills out our bedroom which, oddly enough,...

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Work in Progress
Our new house comes with three levels of outdoor living: A balcony on the second story. A large deck on the main level. And a patio outside the walkout basement. The seller left a few things behind. Like this long, narrow table that once served as a butcher...

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Changing Colors
My decorating palette in the south is quite different from the one I use up north.  What they have in common is that both schemes  are inspired by natural surroundings.   For example, the colors for our winter home in Florida, above,  come from sea and sky,...

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A Band-Aid For Now
Like the pantry in my previous post, I removed the doors on the upper cabinets  of one kitchen wall and painted their dark interiors "Pale Sunshine" to bring in the light, push back the walls, and feel the illusion of more space.  But it's only a quick fix ...

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Practical Matters
Our new house was built in 1980 so it has a few architectural surprises. Its quaint kitchen closet hidden behind a plain door suggests a pantry. A light at the top of the closet turns on by sturdy kitchen string,  showing off its pure, white interior and ge...

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A small arrangement is the easiest way to begin a new home.  Familiar objects placed on a new plane warm the space, bringing peace to the eye and a sense of relaxation after the craziness of "moving house."     It's 3 p.m. and the light is gone from the roo...

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It's Peony Time!
We've changed places once the north where the lilacs have had their day  and the peonies are opening to the warm spring air. I snipped a few stems from a family bush for a few days of ephemeral beauty and fleeting enjoyment.

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More Color Fun
Definitely a day brightener on a rainy morning, The Breakfast Cottage is our latest Florida find. We came upon it along the Tamiami Trail where we believed Above Board, a "silent sports" store for paddle boards and kayaks would be. Turns out, the breakfast ...
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