Captionate 2.20 Released!

Version 2.20 is a revised version of 2.19. Version 2.19 was never officially released (besides the release candidate version).

What's new?
Version 2.20
- Captionate now requires new license files. Current users can contact us to receive their new license files.
- Captionate now has an installer.
- Captionate now checks integrity when starting - this takes some time. We tried to keep the delay minimal.
- XML namespaces for TT XML (TTML/DFXP) export are now stored in external file ttdfxpns.txt in the application folder and can be manually modified if necessary.
- 'Do not Seek Selected Item Time' menu command is renamed to 'Seek Selected Item Time'.
- Windows 7 is now officially supported. Vista is still not officially supported.
- Lots of bug fixes.

Help file is in the works, we plan to have it in about a week

Version 2.19 (Pre-release versions)
- Under Construction. See version 2.19 pre-release Notes
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