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What was your first thought? 
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Lol wow Taylor and they will nvr want u just like joe joe
lol Joe Joe does like me jk he likes his new girlfriend oh my bad i mean boyfriend lol jk jk love you sis no homo
Girl u better b glad I'm a Christian and luv u too sis no homo
omg you crazy you better be glad inc Christian and went to church yesterday because your room would be even messez jk love you sis no homo
I don't like u ur mean ur suppose to b my friend ur being socially shunned
I thought they were gay sent pic to my bf he said it explained wht he thought of me bc I'm beautiful!!!! BAM!!!!
Wow Thanx I'm already sad now I feel bad ur such a big help Thanx for making me feel better: (
No I'm srry for taking it out on u but I am kinda mad
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