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Ritchie Grijaldo
.Net Technical Lead at Datacom Systems (Wellington) Ltd.
.Net Technical Lead at Datacom Systems (Wellington) Ltd.

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How to Forgive? And How to be Forgiven by God? What is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8? Let the Scriptures Explain the Scriptures In Context. Receive the message with great eagerness and examine the Scriptures.
Ever wonder why you are not able to sleep well, or you keep getting reminded of the emotion involved, or you feel an unquenchable hatred, or you even take the effort to forget or suppress the memories of someone who did something wrong to you?   Here's why:...

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The law of God is a path to blessings. If you understand the law and follow it correctly, by not adding nor removing anything from the law, you will experience the sweetness of the law's blessings.

YOU MUST KNOW THE IMMENSITY OF GOD'S LOVE TO UNDERSTAND HE NEVER WANTED PAIN AND SUFFERING FOR US! He does not intend for us to be tested again and again! He is not cruel in any way! Believing otherwise means you misunderstood his love, as his love only brings blessings!

If you feel you are always being "tested" remember that Job was only tested a very short part of his life compared to the blessings he had and has been given back to him! Even if he was tested for almost a year, although highly unlikely, that is NOTHING compared to the blessings he received in his whole life because of his devotion to obeying the law of God! You need to ascertain whether you are either being "frequently" tested or in reality you are following the WRONG law that causes corruption and struggles in your life!

Obedience only brings the sweetness of blessings! Again, be like the Bereans...test the teachings you follow, because the law of God will only bring you blessings in life!

The "tests" you are experiencing frequently in your life are actually the effect of not receiving the blessing because you are not following the true law of God! Do not confuse corruption and struggles of the mind and heart and its repeating negative effects in your life, with a "test" of your obedience!

If you are following the wrong law, you do not need to be tested in the first place, because you ARE already under the control of the adversary and are very much influenced by his demons! The adversary is in control of your mind and heart already!

Do not believe the Pharisees who preach that obedience with sacrifice and hardships are the path to salvation! We are given the law because God loves us so much and He intends for us to be BLESSED and have the sweetness of life! HE GAVE BACK OUR INHERITANCE! It is up to us to make sure we are not deceived again!

The Pharisees leads the people away to God because they make people think that God brings hardships and frequent tests which He never does. Anyone who makes someone turn away from God, either intentionally or unintentionally, by adding or removing from his law, is awaiting harsh judgement.

The ignorant and unstable twist Paul's letters (e.g., Romans 6:14, Romans 10:4, Galatians 3:10) to their own destruction, as they do the other scriptures, because they do not understand the context of Paul. The Word is never changing, and no new law adds to nor removes from the law of God. The law of God never contradicts nor changes itself. There is nothing new under the sun.

Would you like to cut snippets and follow the steps from Matthew 27:5, be convinced by Luke 10:37, and then hurry to "follow the scriptures" as written by John 13:27? Or probably having to try a new "dish" according to John 6:53-56. Or perhaps be "blindingly" obedient as written in Matthew 5:29 and totally disregard the blessings He gave you? Do you think John 9:3 is even possible for a man except Jesus?

If you like to listen to snippets to suit your own desires and satisfy your itching ears, not fully testing the context from the law of God, then you will foolishly follow and believe the snippets. God's law only intends you blessings, not tests nor struggles. Understand the context, and you will understand the sweetness of his blessings.

His commandments are NOT burdensome!

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If you don't really know Ishtar and Nimrod, then you don't know "confusion by mixing" don't know whose road you are walking.
If you don't really know Ishtar and Nimrod, then you don't know "confusion by mixing" don't know whose road you are walking. Many will claim that Jesus is the savior, and will teach using His name, yet they are like the adversary who tells a thousand ...

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ATTN: (Apex Roofs NZ;;

Attached and linked here ( is a video, as of 6PM of August 9, 2017, of ongoing leaks in the roof that I have taken within 15 seconds but further shortened due to the video size. There are numerous citations of these although I do not have the time to take a video of them all as I do not have the correct gear to access them in the attic, in addition that the video/photo size may not fit this email.

I am requesting to postpone painting job until all leaks have been identified and sealed, and ceiling damages assessed.

I have also reviewed the January 2017 RealSure Pre-purchase Inspection report of any unusual moisture mentioned on the ceilings that would indicate pre-existing signs on leakage but there are no such cited.

I hired an electrician to visit for tomorrow Thursday 09 August, to conduct an assessment of the electrical risks borne from the water leakages and I will also inform the insurance company and request for their advisement in regards to the risks just to make sure we remain covered for any damages.

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"Once you have understood what forgiveness truly is according to the Bible, all of the Ten Commandments will perfectly and logically align with each other, and everything will make sense, especially the meaning of 'love' in 'love your enemy'."

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