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Emmental Sunrise

I shot this magic moment on a warm August morning in Emmental, Switzerland, back in 2008, very close to my cousin's farm "default view" (for those of you who follow my posts...)

It has been one of my most successful photos, having won a few internet challenges and I want to dedicate it to one of my very best friends here +Eleni Messini who is having at this moment a really hard time in her life. Eleni I wish you all the best, be strong and get back quickly. This is for you.
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Unbelievably good Alex. May I share it on a small private website?
I hope your very best friend to overcome the difficult moments of simply looking this incredible photo!
Very appropriate for those of us going through difficult times as the light in braving making its presence felt in the enveloping darkness. I hope your friend is inspired by this. I am sure your kind gesture will mean the world to her.
Thank you very much my dear friend Alex,it´s a great pleasure to see that you dedicate your most loved Emmental Picture to me.thank you again
beautiful atmosphere and light. Fantastic work
Ine san oniro...para poli orea! Efharisto Alex!
I wouldn't mind freezing my bits off to see this at sunrise! Wow!
Excellent use of telephoto to create the layered effect.
Good morning Alex!! (well, not morning here anymore, but it is in your picture :) This is such a dreamy looking image!!!.... I wonder how it would be like to get up in the morning to such a view every day.

+Eleni Messini be well and all the best from me! And be strong, life has downs, but always after a "down" it will come an "up". Always!!! That's what's getting me trough all the downs I have (had) and it really works. Just think of the "afterwards" :)
Absolutely magical. It's like straight out of a storybook...but a photograph. Wow.
Wowww!!! What an amazing composition!!! Love this imaget very much!!
That a majestic shot. I hope you have it printed and hung somewhere.
the light in that light for is gorgeous. and love that one tree in the middle.
Many-many thanks to all of you who commented, +1'd and shared!!
Truly this is magical!! Excellent shot!!
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