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Nur Aqilah Ishak (あさ)
30% interest in anything
30% interest in anything

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Right now, I'm confused with my own feelings. It's evolving but I'm suppressing it. Sacred I guess

I hate people who are in relationship for a month or two and then broke up.
If that kind of person comes to me and say that he'll be loyal and love me forever, I doubt it.
When I'm in a relationship, I want that relationship to be forever 'till I die.....

If I buy N-3DS normal size...
What would my parent say?

I missed playing Pokemon games, Which I've never bumped into one for my N-Wii and unfortunately non for PS Vita

It's the exam day!!!!
Wish me luck!!!!

I wanna dress like V-Kei!!!!!!
But why some Malaysian community don't understand????

A day more to my first paper of examination.
Wish me luck!!!!

Waiting for him to wish my birthday... Hmmm.... Seems like it may not come true as he never wish since the first day I met him.

Hehe...! It's my birthday today!!! And my friends surprised me last midnight by having a pizza together

My birthday. 3 days more. I wonder what would I do that day??? I hope it won't affects my revisions.
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