So I just bought a used car a couple of weeks ago and this weekend I went to get license plates for it.
"Yay, a trip to the BMV! Can't think of a better way to spend my Saturday morning." I thought to myself sarcastically.
So I got up early to beat the crowd. My wife asked if I had everything I needed. I had the title, the temporary registration paper. I answered, "I think so, the car just got e-checked 6 months ago and that's good for 2 years."
So I headed down to my local dmv which is right down the street from me because I live in an inner ring suburb, everything is close. I wait for 5 or 6 people in front of me and hand the lady my title and ask for plates and registration tag. She starts typing the details of my car in, askes if I got rid of my other car twice, which in my last response I stated, "Please don't cancel my Honda's registration."
Then she asked the color of my car and then "Do you have the e-check for you car?"
"It just had it 6 months ago, isn't it good for 2 years?"
"Did you own the car then?"
"Then you need to get it e-checked."
Which I grumbled back, "What a waste of money!"
"You don't have to pay for it sir. It's free."
"Miss, I pay taxes; it's not free. Thanks."

So I drive the 25 minutes downtown to the e-check place and pull up to get the car tested. The guy asks me for the car year and gets my vin number and puts it into the computer.

The tech says, "Sir, you car was already tested 6 month ago. It doesn't need checked again."
Which I annoyedly response "I know, I am well aware of that. I am just doing what the BMV told me."
"You can back up and park over there and then go to the office and they can get you a copy of your e-check. It's free."

So I go into the office and find a glass enclosed teller window.
"How can I help you?" a woman asks.
As I hand my title to her through the glass, "Just a copy of the e-check."
She goes and prints out a copy and returns, "Here you go, sir. It's free. You're all set."
I head back to the dmv, and of course now there's like a hundred people in there. So after two and a half hours of waiting and driving around and wasting 20 miles of gasoline. I got my FREE e-check and finally I could pay for my license plates!
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