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Kind of weird for me. I haven't used my laptop for 10 days now. Mobile, tablet & cloud has provided everything. Although I've hauled it & associated cables around the planet. Only reason for laptop is access to SPSS at the moment and will be used again tomorrow. 

Who (what) has best social media user interface for smartphones? Does it make a difference whether you're using the app to create or consume social media content? 

Nice day to be indoors. Great part of city to enjoy a rainy day. 

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How do you find the easiest way to do a complex job? Pick a lazy person to do it, they'll always work it out the fastest way too. 

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And suddenly they're competition.

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Trends in Mobile Services.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing services or the Cloud, is collective term that refers to a range of computing services hosted somewhere else. The term is said to derive from the use of a cloud image to represent the internet or a network in ITC diagramming. Much like clouds in the sky, cloud services go by unnoticed by most; but, like the weather, not paying attention to the cloud can result in disaster for the operational environment.

Growth in cloud computing services is increasing in line with mobile technology usage. Cloud computing utilises machine or platform virtualisation to create clones of physical devices. This enables more efficient use of computing power to deliver a range of services. Cloud services use centralised hardware running virtual machines reducing the cost of hardware and support services and changing the infrastructure required to deliver IT services.

Cloud computing alters the enterprise IT services paradigm. The requirements of service and support teams change as users take responsibility for their own mobile device and the browser or app becomes the interface between a user and their cloud based applications.

Cloud computing and the associated virtualisation have been central to the growth and increasing acceptance of innovative and entrepreneurial activity which has increased and amplified disruptive change.

Cloud services reduce the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs to access powerful computing and communications capabilities. The time and cost to develop, test and deploy new products and business models has been reduced to almost zero, enabling entrepreneurs to concentrate their endeavors in areas that maximise value. This means engaging with innovators and early adopters directly through their mobile technology.
Cloud computing is also critical to ITC strategic planning. Cloud computing is a service that is not dependent on specific local infrastructure, this is especially important when outsourcing core enterprise functions.

Cloud services represent a competitive proposition that will drive value-based differentiation and delivery.

Mobile technology is reliant on cloud computing services to function. Where there is mobile technology cloud computing services are being used.

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