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Eggplant is my favorite vegetable.
Eggplant is my favorite vegetable.

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OK, no excuse graphic novelists. Here are loads of women in "reasonable armor" who would likely kick your a** if you try to objectify them.
Here you go +Gavin Bisesi, my album of Women in Reasonable Armor. ^_^
Women in Reasonable Armor
108 Photos - View album

You know how they say when you drop a piece of buttered toast it always lands butter-side down? Well, the same rule goes for poopy diapers :-|

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RIP Dietrich Fischer-Diskau.

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This sounds really cool. An over 10K (and growing) email list where each day everyone is put into a lottery and one person is chosen. That person has three days to compose an email to the list on any topic they choose. No one is allowed to respond to the list. The sender can withhold or include their email address on the message as they wish (I assume this is to enable private replies). I just signed up and can't wait for the first email. If you could talk to a million people what would you say?

I'm at Brooklyn Beefsteak at The Bell House in Gowanus. Munching on pickles and drinking beer, waiting for BEEF!

Any Cuban restaurant that puts an actual chunk of sugar cane in my mojito and serves house made plantain chips with their Cuban sandwiches is OK by me!

A lovely baby-free day so far: Bought a new purse on sale at Lord & Taylor; now a Cuban sandwich and a mojito for lunch; then maybe a movie. Ahhhhh!

Geek Living: The weather has become unseasonably warm here lately. So we put a fan in the window of our bedroom to make it easier to sleep. The room with the computers in it? That one gets a window air conditioner. We have our priorities straight in this household.

Today's mondegreen: I walked past the radio while it was playing Roll Over Beethoven and I thought the lyrics were "Run out potato man."

Easter Lunch:

Tuscan Quail with Grape Sauce served over polenta

with a 2000 Hospices de Beaune Mazis-Chambertin

Jacques Torres chocolate bunnies for dessert :)
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