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Rope-snake example in Upanishads
ॐ Further to the blog entry  रज्जुसर्प   rope-snake   about the Shruti examples used for the creation of the world, here are the specific mantras  of the Upanishads in which the rope-snake example is used. Some of them are clearly in the context of creation...

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रज्जुसर्प rope-snake
ॐ Today morning, I was thinking about प्रक्रियाभेद in Vedanta and how each one is so meticulously made to lead one to the non-dual truth, whether by Shruti or by commentators of the tradition. I was planning to jot down something about a साध्वी प्रक्रिया as...

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Thoughts 112
Thoughts 112: Wisdom adds the 'w' in the whole, without which one is left holed up in संसार।

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ॐ The attributes अस्ति, भाति and प्रिय are ब्रह्मरूप says Vidyaranyamuni in दृग्दृश्यविवेक। प्रिय among these is the most difficult to see when related to जगत् and that प्रियत्व in the जगत् belongs to oneself alone. One may say that the जगत् or many of the ...

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ॐ सत्, चित् and आनन्द are स्वरूपलक्षण, meaning the defining attributes or the very nature, of ब्रह्मात्मा । This is in contrast to the तटस्थलक्षण which is an incidental attribute of ब्रह्म। The stock example for the latter is the "house with the crow sittin...

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Thoughts 109-111
Thoughts 109: One has to make a lot of wealth to finally give it all up. One has to earn a lot of virtues to cross over them all. One has to learn a lot to know that no learning is necessary. Thoughts 110: The journey is from oneself to all-self. Thoughts 1...

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Gradations of knowers of truth
ॐ There are many people who think that the gradations among ज्ञानिन्-s, knowers of truth, is made by those Acharyas who came much later after Bhagavatpadacharya; however, they seem to have ignored that Bhagavatpada himself uses the word मन्दज्ञानी in काठकभा...

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गुण need not exclude जाति for political correctness.
ॐ The goal of life being moksha and only one with सात्विक गुणs, that is, a गुणब्राह्मण gets the knowledge and is freed, so the effort needed is for everyone to become a गुणब्राह्मण। There is no dispute in this regard. A person who progresses to become one w...

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The means for चित्तशुद्धि
ॐ A wet log of wood doesn't burn even when lit however many times. It catches fire only when it is dry. Of course, drying of wood itself can be attained by continuous efforts to burn wooden log. However, that is a long process likely to fail and the reason ...

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शास्त्रानुग्रहः। Shastranugraha
ॐ As
we all know शास्त्र is
not a single book, authored by one or more persons, like in other
religions. Our Hindu शास्त्र s
are Shruti and derivatives thereof, Shruti being अपौरुषेय not
authored at all! The Vedas are said to be the breath of Ishvara i...
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