I've often wondered about this. Everyone knows that DRM gets hacked away within hours of a games release or sometimes even before if there is a leak/broken street date.

This makes the argument for DRM a little invalid. It might stop a handfull of script kiddies from hacking it but when the files are available online, they don't have to.

So why then, do games add DRM (more to start a discussion than anything) when the only people affected are the ones that have bought it, DO install it with the DRM in place and then get penalised for it.

Required login and authentication of ownership is all that is really needed and no I don't mean "Always on connection required" but Install, register with the publisher and authenticate the CD key against your account then get a new license from the server every now and then. No SecuROM, No Safedisc, No Steam DRM, minimal hassle. Would make gamers a lot happier and less frustrated when they have errors caused by DRM problems.

DISCLAIMER My views are my own and do not represent EA's decisions and thoughts on the matter.
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