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R. Francis Smith
Oversimplifying and Making Jokes: The R. Francis Smith Story
Oversimplifying and Making Jokes: The R. Francis Smith Story


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Happy new Pro user, but I have a couple of questions (or suggestions, if the answer is "you can't do it"...heh):

Is it possible to use a "save to home page" thing like Chrome, for example, can create as the double tap for a bubble?  Better yet, is it possible to put one in a folder or even better yet, into the app grid? All I've been able to do is save it to the home page and it's the primary tap for a bubble.  Which is nice, but I don't necessarily want a new bubble for every one of those. :)

While I'm here, does anyone know of an icon set with a good coffee cup icon? 😉

Cyclical Rage Syndrome

This disease is distinguishable by two elements: irritability caused, or at least aggravated, by chronic health issues (physical and/or mental); and chronic health issues (physical and/or mental) caused, or at least aggravated, by stress, causing a cycle that can lead to cardiac issues, loss of friends, and indentations of the skull.

Treatment: dialing back on social media; turning off the news.

Also known as: Lewis Black Syndrome

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#okstate Students: The Stillwater Medical Center is receiving calls from concerned parents following today's Homecoming parade incident. OSU students are asked to contact their families.

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I... may have an addiction.  (French and Esperanto, respectively.)

My apologies for being an absentee moderator.  I just weeded through the (old) posts marked as spam -- almost all from the same account, which is now banned from the community.  I'll try to find some way to bring it to my attention more regularly.  Feel free to ping me as needed.


This Collections thing could be cool; I've always thought there should be a way to opt out of classes of posts and that's pretty much exactly what this is.  I wonder if it's a misfire to make a collection permanently locked to a particular post access, though.  What if I want to have a Health collection so people can opt out of my whinging, but sometimes I'm okay with everyone seeing them and sometimes not?  Too bad for me, I guess.

I do look forward to people getting all insistent about other people making collections so they can ignore part of their posts and the flamage that will result.  Because it wouldn't be the Internet without entitlement!

One right move they made was default follow to all collections -- hopefully that's true when you circle somebody new, too.

Anyway, haven't created any yet, need to think about it, not like I post all that much anyway.  Thinking about maybe for example making an SCA collection but not restricting it to my SCA circle so people I haven't added to it that do SCA can see it, or just people who're interested; that's an example of a circle I made just so I wouldn't bother other people with the content and that seems to be what Collections are for instead now.  So that's cool.

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Another, previous BBC music thing.  Don't worry, the song's really only the first 4 minutes.  As with the new one, there are high points and less high points, but all in all it's pretty excellent.

Trigger warning: Shane MacGowan before he got new choppers.
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