My takeaways from yesterday's Socially Enabled Enterprise panel at the Social Shake-Up conference:

1. +Chris Boudreaux: "It's OK to call it [Social Media] a channel [or not], no one is going to lose an arm." The idea: if calling Social a "channel" helps you, do it; if not, don't. Step away from semantics and ideology, and think about Social in a way that serves you and your customers.

2. (Chris, again): The Center of Excellence approach to social governance in the enterprise is fading away [NOTE: see a clarification from Chris in the comments]; Social needs to align itself with existing functions. Instead of a CoE, think about which social capabilities live in which parts of the organization, and how do those parts work together. More about how to do it in this +Accenture whitepaper:

3. Don Bulmer (Shell): "Just because you have the recipe, it doesn't mean you know how to cook."  We know that social can deliver business value, but companies are still struggling on how that applies to them.

+ The Social Enabled Enterprise study - research brief:
+ Sign up to get the full study here:

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